Thursday, September 6, 2012

TTT - Hey, I look Sporty!

1.  Goal check:
  1. Goal for the week - 1.6 pounds.  No change on the scale so far this week, but I'm not discouraged!
  2. I made mostly good choices yesterday.  After dinner snack was a little suspect, but not too bad.  Lunch ended up being tasty.  I'm hopeful for today's as well.
  3. I went to CrossFit this morning.  2 of 3.
  4. I walked for 30 minutes at lunch yesterday, but of it only 2 minutes were running.  The air was just too warm and still.  I figure that 28 minutes of walking is better than quitting, so that's what I did.  Better luck next time.  Plus, I did run some at CF today.
  5. I reached my organizing goal yesterday and tackled the spot right outside my closet door.  In addition, I went through things under (yes, I said under) my desk.  Tonight it will be the stack of stuff on the other wall. 
2.  Today we did Front Squats and Push Presses at CrossFit.  I am very proud to say that I PR'd (personal record) on both.  I squatted 100# which was 5# more than last time.  I push pressed 75# which was also 5# more than last time.  YAY!! 

After the weightlifting portion of the workout, we did sprints.  Sigh.  For 10 minutes, on the minute, we would do shuttle runs (20m/40).  So, when Bach said "start", we would run 10m, turn and come back, then run out 20m and turn and come back.  Then we would rest until the next minute started.  So, 10 total.  I, of course, was SOOOOO slow compared to everyone else.  She would yell times for everyone as they crossed the finish line and I would hear them start around :15.  My first 9 times were :25-:27, so about 7-10 seconds behind everyone else.  For 10 agonizing times, there would be :07-:10 where everyone was done and looking at me amble my way to the finish line.  It sucks to finish last, but when you have to do it 10 TIMES in 10 MINUTES, it is a tad exceptional.  It should have been a humiliating experience.  Except...
...this is true.  Every single time, many of the crew would yell encouragement, clap, cheer, whatever.  And on my very last sprint, I made it in 24 seconds which was my fastest of the day.  I wanted to throw up, but I pushed it as far as I could.  There are some gyms where being that far behind is embarrassing...what a loser.  But here, I pushed it as far as I could and what I got back was respect.  That's why, even though I felt like I was in hell for 10 minutes this morning, I plan to go back tomorrow.

3.  The title comes from the fact that Bach told me I looked "sporty" this morning.  I laughed, but maybe I do look sporty in my tank and bright kicks.

4.  You know what's interesting?  My two nephews & niece all run cross country and track.  They have absolutely no issues trying to run.  Why did I get all the recessive running genes?  I'm so thrilled for them, but couldn't I have gotten just a little bit?

5.  On another note, I priced my ideal organizing cabinet and it costs almost $800 (just for the frame).  That doesn't include that boxes and such I would put on the shelves.  Wowza!  I might have to do some thinking on that, but at least I'm getting started. 

6.  I'm looking forward to the weekend.  I have some things to do, but it isn't overly stuffed.  Perfect!

7.  I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday and I'm really glad.  It needs it.  I have been growing it out for over a year now.  Snails pace!!

8.  I ordered my Olympic photo book last night and it is supposed to be here next week!  I thought that since I never did an Olympic post, when it comes in, I will scan a few of the best pages and do a post then.

9.  I'm going to see The Producers on Sunday.  Fun!!

10.  Trader Joe's Peaberry (I think) coffee is awesome.  I can't keep from drinking multiple cups.  Delish!



jennxaz said...

great photo and great job! Love the blue sneaks!

Brenda said...

What's this Trader Joes's coffee you speak of?????? I will have to check it out.

And you are the definition of Sporty Spice (at least in my mind). You are a kick ass athlete.

Laura Belle said...

Ok, so I was going to email you, but then forgot. I almost signed up for a crossfit class. there was a special and so I was all, well if BethAnn can do it.....then I went to their web page and the classes are taught by 3 like Navy Seal badass and a college football player. Ya, I chickened out. *hangs head in shame*

But maybe I'll look for another class that doesn't have 'You Will Die' as their moto, huh?

MandaPanda said...

I'm so glad you get so much encouragement from the Crossfit folks. I keep wanting to try here but it's so pricey! :)

adorkbl said...

Way to rock it out with the Cross Fit... that is amazing. Out of my league right now... maybe someday.

Cheri said...

You do look sporty!! Hope you have a blast at The Producers, I love that play. :-) I'll have to check out Peaberry coffee...