Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Let's start this off right!

I realize that it is September 5th (Happy Birthday to my awesome godson!!), but it is really the first/second day to implement my little plan. 
  1. Loss goal for the week - 1.6 pounds.  Deadline, Monday 9/10.
  2. Make good choices.  I would say that I did that for the most yesterday.  I did have some kettle corn last night (darn Trader Joe's!!), but not too much and now it's gone.  Ha!  Today, I have a My Fit Foods meal for lunch and leftover pork loin for dinner.  It is all calorie/health appropriate, but I hope my lunch is tasty and not bland.  When my meal options don't taste good, I tend to supplement it.  My goal is to not do that today.
  3. I went to CrossFit this morning.  1 of 3.
  4. I'm going to run a mile at lunch today. 
  5. Tonight, my organizing goal is to go through the stack of stuff right in front of my closet. 
I'm going to try to assess myself every time I blog to see if I can help keep myself on track this time. 

You know I'm not done talking about CrossFit... It was a great day today!  After 3 weeks back, the warm up is getting a little easier.  I still hate the running though and I know that we will have a running day coming up so I really need to get on that.  I am seeing more and more familiar faces each day now that I'm meeting the new people.  NSV:  I wore a tank top today.  One of the trainers told me he didn't know I had a tattoo (because it is always covered by my T-shirts.)  I didn't feel too self-conscious, but I was glad there were no pictures taken today.  Baby steps!!

The WOD for today, were 3-3-3-3-3 Hang Power Cleans adding weight each round.

When I looked up my previous weights, I noticed that I capped out at 95# pre-surgery.  I decided to just go for it and start at 85#.  There are only 3, right?  Right.  So one of the 3 Beckhams (there are 3 recent college grad girls that I believe played soccer that are ridiculously adorable and I call them the Beckhams in my head.  Hopefully I will be able to tell them apart eventually) came over to partner with me and I'm glad she did because I think it pushed me a bit.

I did the first round of 3 with 85# and that crap was heavy!  I decided to stick with it for another round.  On the 3rd and 4th rounds, I added 5 pounds each.  On the 5th round, I added another 5 pounds which put me at 100#.  I had never cleaned over 95# under any circumstances.  I did two (yaaaaaay!), but then I couldn't finish the third.  My arms were just jelly.  But still!!  I did something today that I have never done before.  I cleaned 100#!!!

Then it was time for the OTM (on the minute) Ladder (basically you do one of whatever is prescribed in the first minute, 2 the second minute, 3 the third...) which starts out easy but then gets hard fast.  Once you get to a round that you can't complete, you are done.  We had to do kettlebell swings and box jumps.  Learning from the last time we did this where I was done early, I picked the smallest box.  I picked out a 18 lb kettlebell which in retrospect was probably too light, but I just never know with the KB.

We started and I was fine.  At about the fourth minute, I realized that I couldn't sustain jumping, so I simply changed my box jump to a step up/step down.  It is easier, but I was still getting a tremendous amount of cardio.  I'm proud to say that I was part of the last group that capped out at the 15 minute round.  So I did 120 kettlebell swings and 119 step ups in 15 minutes.  Not bad!! 

If you made it through all of the boring exercise talk...  I'm so glad that I have my mojo back.  I don't like be "down" and for weeks...months, really...I was talking myself up every day and choosing happiness every day.  But I finally don't have to choose, because I just am.  It is nice to be back.



jennxaz said...

that is so awesome!!! good for you 100#'s is kicking it!

Cat said...

100#!!! You go Hero! So proud o'you. I need to get my mojo back as well. I need to challenge myself. I've been doing a KB workout on Tues-Thurs and an ab routine that ends up being 140 crunches. Perhaps it's time to add one more to each set for a total of 150!

Maybe I'll add 2 more reps to each of my KB routine as well. Thanks for inspiring me!

Maria said...

120 kettlebell swings! BAD ASS!!

MandaPanda said...

100# is freakin' awesome!'re wonder woman! Great goals...I know you can do it!

Cheri said...

I am soooo glad about your "mojo". I can so relate to those stretches where you have to "choose happiness" versus the stretches where you just ARE. VERY HAPPY FOR YOU. :-)