Monday, May 2, 2011

I'm blaming Bin Laden for not doing yoga this morning.

It is the beginning of May and time to get busy.  So far, I'm not off to the best start.  I was supposed to do a 5K yesterday, but it was raining in a monsoon sort of way, so we bailed.  Although I didn't exercise per se, I did straighten up my apartment for a 2-3 hours which got me moving some.  This morning was to start my in the mornings, then either lunch or after work workouts.  I stayed up watching the news, so I didn't get up to do yoga.  But tomorrow I will!  My goal is to do it at least 3 times per week, so technically it isn't an issue.

My replacement Body Bugg (RIP Jax) is in place.  She has been affectionately dubbed "Jill" after Jillian on the Biggest Loser (and Jax and Jill?  It was just natural.)  My overall goal is to average 1500 calories consumed per day and burn an average of 2500 calories per day.

At the beginning of the year, I committed to attending at least 150 Jazzercise classes over the course of the year which equates to roughly 3 classes per week.  I'm slightly behind from vacation and being sick, so I need to focus on getting in as many classes as possible.  Additionally, I have REALLY slacked off on running.  Bailing on Sunday's 5K didn't really help that. 

My goal this week is to do the following:
  1. Yoga - T-F mornings (4 sessions for a total of 80 minutes)
  2. Jazzercise - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday (4 classes for a total of 210 minutes)
  3. Running - Training run on Wednesday & 5K on Saturday (2 sessions for roughly 80 minutes)
  4. Other - 2.5 mile walk at lunch on Tuesday (45 minutes)
It seems like when I take a break from exercise (for whatever reason, vacations included), I get sick and just feel bad in general.  I have been slacking off from keeping up with blogs, I have not stayed active, etc.  It seems to come in waves for me.

So, it is get back on track time which is my FAVORITE time!!  Today at lunch I'm going to meet with a chiropractor.  I've always been a little skeptical of them, but I think I'm having sciatic nerve issues and I want to get it corrected before I have too much trouble.  I'm already having a really hard time sitting through a movie or a play. 

I enjoyed my chocolate binging last week, but now it is time to put it away.  This WILL be the month that I hit 100 pounds lost.  I AM committed to my goals.  I CAN and I WILL do this!!

Hugs y'all!!


Amanda said...

Exercising Queen!!!!

Good for you, Beth!

I have always been a bit skeptical of Chiros but honestly after I hurt my back a couple years ago he was the only one who would fix it, not just try and mask the pain with pills!

I, of course want to feel better but I don't do pain pills well! So go Chiro Go!

Cat's Chic Chat said...

Hi Beth! I found your blog on Karen's (Lap Band Gal) and thought I'd stop by and check your blog out. I am a firm believer in Chiro's and think you'll feel better after!

Pamela E. Williams said...

Dang! I am such a slacker compared to you. You have me inspired!!