Thursday, March 15, 2012

I Love Rock and Roll

Last night ShareBear & I had a fabulous time!  We went to Gloria's in Uptown and grabbed a little dinner.  I had a skinny mojito with my black bean soup and I'm happy to say that it all went down fine! 

If you like musical theater and you like old school rock and roll, you would like Million Dollar Quartet.  The show is a recreation of a night in 1956 when Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley were together at the Sun Records recording studio.  There wasn't a tremendous amount of plot, but the musicians were so talented and the music was super fun!  I have a total crush on the guy playing Johnny Cash.  :) 

It was another late night though and I was tired this morning!  I just found out that IU plays at 9pm tonight, so I don't think I'm going to get any more sleep.  Ha!  That's okay.  I can sleep this weekend.  Go Hoosiers!  I have won my brother's NCAA tourney pool the last two years, but I think my streak comes to an end this year.  I absolutely cannot bring myself to pick Kentucky.  But if Kentucky loses, I suppose I have a shot. Probably not though.

I love me some college hoops, so this is one of my favorite weekends of the year.  Let the games begin!!

Oh...I have been neglectful in my intention check ins, but I want you to know that I'm doing really well!
  • Wear fitbit.  Check!
  • Work out.  Check!
  • Drink water.  Check!
  • Log food.  Check!
  • Everyday replace snack with fruit.  Check!
  • Avoid queso.  (I had some last night at dinner but it was controlled, so I will take that as a partial win.  The true test will be over the weekend!)
The scale is rewarding my efforts, as it does.  But weekdays are not my issue.  I have to keep it going through the weekend so I see results on Monday!!



Robyn's Nest said...

Sounds like a great night. I am dancing in my chair to the imaginary music now. I almost wish I was kidding.....

trisha said...

great job!!

Cat said...

Sounds super fun! So glad you had a great time.

Ronnie said...

I know nothing about college basketball, but hope your team does well.

And that you have a grrrrrreat weekend. :)

Andrea said...

Good job!