Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Progress seems to be today's theme...

Lots of topics today...

Intention Check-in
  • I will wear my Fitbit everyday.  Check!  (2 for 2)
  • I will log my food everyday.  Check!  (2 for 2!  And yesterday I was even more on target.)
  • I will work out at least 5 times.  Check!  (2 for 2)
  • I will drink at least 2 of my big bottles of water per day.  Check!  (2 for 2)

Interesting Dinner

I had a nice time with my girls last night.  I was proud of myself for limiting myself to one drink and ordering the grilled salmon with a baked potato. 
Can I just say that I do not like this picture of me?  I have gotten over the need to NOT show pics of me, so this is on Facebook and I'm not trying to hide it.  But that doesn't mean I like it.  :)  Progress?


We worked on Skin the Cats today.

See how this guy is all slow and controlled?  Yeah, I'm not.  BUT, when I first started, I had to fling my body up, hook my foot around the strap holding the ring, then use my leg strength to pull my body over.  Now, I still have to use my foot as leverage, but I don't have to fling myself and I have good control when I'm coming back over.  It is so awesome to see PROGRESS!

WOD was 7:00 AMRAP: 21-15-9 Cleans and Thrusters.  I used 60# which was probably 5-10# too heavy.  We were supposed to get through at least one full round and start on another.  I don't think anyone in the group got through a full one.  21 is A LOT!  I finished the 21 round and 15 Cleans, but then only got 8 of the Thrusters in.  I was proud of myself because I pushed myself...hard!


On my way out, Bach mentioned that she was watching me throughout the WOD because I was as white as a sheet and she was worried.  She asked if I was okay.  I told her I was fine, just pushing hard and that I knew when I needed to stop for a rest.  I told her I wouldn't keel over on her.  Ha! 

I told my mom about it when I called her on my way to work and told her that it was interesting because people usually can't tell how hard I'm working just by looking at me.  She told me it was because I had been hiding my deficiencies from people for years.  And she was SO right!  I was always so scared of being labeled the fat girl, that I would work on my breathing so it didn't seem like I was panting on steps.  Or I wouldn't be the first person to suggest stopping for lunch even if I was STARVING.  I remember Master Bruce getting on me to push harder at points where I couldn't breathe and showed surprise when he saw my heart rate was well over 200.

Now I try not to mask every little thing.  I'm not sure I would be talented enough to make the blood run out of my face (or not) while working out, so maybe it isn't the best example.  But, I know now that I'm not perfect and I certainly don't need to act like it in front of others.  I just work my hardest and let the rest go.  :)

Plastic Surgery

So...I emailed a potential surgeon for a consultation.  I have no idea if they will email me back or not, but I wasn't ready to call them for some reason.  Yes, I'm aware that is probably weird.  Anyway, a friend of mine from Group just used this guy for her arms and she was gushing over him.  I thought I would go in and discuss what he thinks the right procedure(s) would be for me, determine relative costs and recovery.  I don't think I would do anything until 2013, but who knows.  It never hurts to have the information. 



Amy W. said...

I emailed a plastic surgeon as well, months ago...and they havent responded. So now I am mad at him....although I should just balls up and call the damn place.

Cat said...

So proud of your progress not only on your workouts (the control with the skin the cat etc) but also that you are moving past your fear of showing what's going on with you. I was just like you, if I was walking with someone, I would always try to control my breathing, or keep up to their pace, even if it wasn't mine and was a struggle for me. I just never wanted to be the fat girl that couldn't keep up. Now we aren't!! Yay you! Such an interesting thing to think about. : )

Lap Band Gal said...

Great idea to get in touch with a doc now...lots of research to do :)

trisha said...

emailing instead of calling isn't weird. cause I would so do something like that too. lol just enough to put a little out into the universe and if it happens, it happens. lol

I can't get over all these weird names for crossfit "moves" and all the connotations, I can't keep up!lol

Justawallflower said...

Oh my goodness, I think I STILL try to hide how hard I'm working, or if I get out of breath, even if it's perfectly acceptable to be so. I do not hesitate to say I'm hungry now though!