Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Recap and This Week's Intentions

Good Monday morning to you!!

I have been fighting allergies and fatigue for a couple of weeks now, so at the end of last week, I was just done.  Friday was our short day at work and I just went home and vegged.  BFF convinced me to go to Jazzercise and since it was a 30 minute Express class, I agreed.  I was glad I did and I think it did my body good.

Saturday, I slept in and it was beautiful.  :)  I felt like crap though and had what felt like cramps, but I don't think they were.  I don't know what they were.  Anyway, Debi texted and asked me to go get a pedi with her and I didn't even do that.  Shows how crappy I felt, because I'm always up for BBF time, not to mention, I NEED a pedi!!

I finally got myself moving in the evening because I had promised a friend that I would meet her for dinner at a restaurant where her husband's band was playing.  BFF went with me and dinner was nice and it was fun to catch up with friends.  Plus, the music was great!  But my stomach started rumbling and I figured I better get home.

Sunday I went to church and I felt noticeably better.  I was scheduled to go to a Cabi party at a friend's house but my cousin who is unexpectedly in town texted and I decided to go meet him.  He lives in South Beach and I don't see him very often.  I quickly went to the restroom on my way out and my toilet proceeded to flood.  Sigh.  I don't have a plunger, so off to Target I went.  About an hour (and 7 towels) later, everything was cleaned up and working fine, but I didn't feel like driving to Dallas anymore.

So, I headed over to the Cabi party.  I missed the first part, but I still got to see some of the presentation and I saw all of the clothes after.  Have you all ever been to one of these?  It was interesting.  I think the clothes seem to be well constructed, but I think most of them weren't my style.  BFF got a couple of things and her choices were great.  I saw one dress and a denim jacket that I wanted to try, but there were only M sized samples.  I tried just to get an idea and I will be darned, but they fit.  I thought a size M dress might possibly work, but I couldn't believe I fit into a M jacket.  I just really have no idea what I look like.  Heh.

After the party, I went home and worked on the Gluten Free Chicken Fried Rice I made for dinner.  It was really good and I have some for lunch today!!  However, right before dinner, my toilet flooded again and I realized that my guest room toilet was affected as well.  Things even started coming up from the shower drain.  EWWWW!!  Hopefully it will all be fixed when I get home tonight!

I have felt so bad for the last couple of weeks and I haven't been motivated to do much.  But now that I have my Fitbit and I'm feeling better, I'm ready to rumble!  I made some intentions for this week:
  • I will wear my Fitbit everyday.
  • I will log my food everyday.
  • I will work out at least 5 times (and shoot for 7).
  • I will drink at least 2 of my big bottles of water per day in addition to my other liquid.
Notice that I'm not setting a calorie goal nor any other kind of thing like that.  When I log my food, I tend to eat well.  When I don't...well, you know.  So, I just need to focus on logging and the rest will take care of itself.  I have no concerns whatsoever about the first and third items.  The fourth will have to take just a little effort on non-CrossFit days.  It is the second that is my challenge.  But I will prevail!

Here's to having ONE GREAT WEEK!



Dawnya said...

Flooding toilets are the worse!!

Cat said...

Never been to a Cabi party. Never heard of it! I wonder if it's local to you? Congrats Hero on your size M!! Yay!!!

Sorry you aren't feeling well lately. Also, sorry about your toilet. Have to agree with Dawnya that's the worst!

Stacey said...

I have never heard of a Cabi Party. Probably something I need to stay away from since I love, love, love me some shopping. Doing it in my own home would be dangerous. Except Olaf would be there to say "ummmm, No."

FitBy40 said...

sounds like a sewer problem!
Hooray for being a solid Medium!
Great goals.

Trina a.k.a. Me So Hongry... said...

I've never heard of a Cabi party. I am off to look it up on the internet. What's a fitbit?

Trina a.k.a. Me So Hongry... said...

I'm back. Okay I looked it up and I like some of the pieces, a bit pricey for me.

Read said...

Great goals!!! I especially like the type of goals you have chosen! I may need to think about these types of goals - thanks for the push!!