Thursday, June 20, 2013

Arm update and other TTT nonsense

Good morning, pretties. 

1.  Solidly into my second week of 40 by 40 and I'm doing swimmingly.  I was concerned yesterday that I might be too tight, but I was able to eat mashed potatoes and mushy mac and cheese last night successfully, so I think I will be fine if I am just patient.  You know how good I am at that!  /sarcasm

2.  Rangers won last night!  They have been struggling, so it was nice.  I also got to see most of the game before I had to go to bed because of CrossFit curfew.  This is my favorite Ranger.  He hasn't been doing so well lately and he is about to lose his starting spot, but he sure is cute.

3.  I got up for CrossFit this morning.  It was MUGGY!  We warmed up and did some strength drills.  The trainer said we needed to be done by 10 'til to be sure and get in our mile time trial.  HAHA!  That was cute.  Anyway, I'm quite sad to say that it was my slowest mile since starting CrossFit.  I did my best so I'm not going to beat myself up.  But I do want to get better, not worse.  I know I need new shoes, so that will happen this weekend.  Plus, I just need to be more consistent.  I will make an effort.

4.  I'm going to workout at lunch as well.  I plan on doing the elliptical for 30 minutes.  If I CrossFit in the morning, that will be 5 workouts for the week.  With all that was going on, I think that is a big success. 

5.  You may remember that I had arm surgery last year to remove the loose skin and tissue on my upper arms.  I wanted to post some progress pictures.  I don't think they look as dramatic as it feels..

This is before:
This is about 6 months later:

This is today:
This is my scar:

It still has a bit of healing to do, but most people don't even notice it.  In fact, we had to take a few pictures in different light and at different angles to get it to show up in the picture.  Like I said, I don't think the pictures show a dramatic change but in real life it is quite different.  My arms actually fit into clothes that they didn't before!  Plus, I don't mind going sleeveless.  And the best part is when I'm working out, I don't think someone is sneaking up behind me because my arm flab is flopping around.  Ha!

6.  I'm going to see the Superman movie this weekend with my fab friend Debi.  I lurve her.  :-)

7.  I forgot to tell you yesterday that we saw Traces on Tuesday night and it was good!  It was like a very good episode of So You Think You Can Dance.  If it comes to your town and you like dancing, you should check it out.

8.  I've spent a lot of money the last couple of months...traveling, my birthday, just buying stuff.  I had started investing each month at the beginning of the year and in addition to that, I was trying to pad my savings account.  I did really well for about 3 months, but then the last few months, not so much.  I would really like to up my monthly investment next year, so I need to get better.

9.  My jeans feel a little looser today.  Not dramatically, but these are my FAT jeans and they were getting unbearably tight.  I haven't fit into my "normal" jeans in months.  My skinny jeans seem like a distant dream.  But they fit once and they will fit again.

10.  Why is flying so darn expensive?


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Laura Belle said...

I think there's a great difference in your arms! I'm so happy you're happy with it! You look fab darling!

We've been trying to save too. It's not working out the best. But hopefully we'll put something away this week and maybe next month. We'll see.

Why is buying a house so expensive?!?! lol