Thursday, June 13, 2013


I cannot remember the last time that I wrote a Ten Things Thursday!!

1.  I had sushi/hibachi at lunch today, so the tightness scare yesterday was BS.  I did manage my portion well, so that's a victory!

2.  I skipped CrossFit this morning.  *gasp*  I decided to go to Jazzercise tonight instead.  But I usually flake out by the time the end of the day starts creeping around, so I took away that option.  I had BFF ride to work with me today.  Since she is the instructor, I HAVE to go.  Genius, I think!

3.  My brother has texted me, emailed me and called me all in less than a week.  I haven't talked to him this much in ages and I love it!

4.  BFF & I are going to Tulsa tomorrow for the USA Volleyball World League game.  My Volleyball boyfriend isn't playing this season, so that is sad news.  But I feel sure I will find someone to watch! 

5.  Speaking of sports, my Rangers are having a tough go right now.  They have lots of players on the DL though so it is hard to tell if they should be better or not. 

6.  After we leave Tulsa on Sunday, we are going to a casino resort and having a spa day.  It will be a nice long weekend.

7.  I'm going to take workout clothes and my hope is to fit in a workout on Saturday morning.  It will be tough though.

8.  It has been a busy, but very productive week at work.  I like it when things get accomplished as opposed to just feeling scattered.

9.  I got a flat tire last night.  My low tire light came on and so when I got home, I checked the air.  One WAS lower so I drove to the gas station and tried to air it up.  Now matter how much air I put in it, the reading stayed the same.  So I drove to Firestone (ain't nobody got time for that!) and had them check.  The guy told me, "you can put in all the air you want and it isn't going to matter because there is a nail in it."  HA!  At least I wasn't crazy.  I decided to have them do an oil change while I was there and all in all, it worked out fine.

10.  I find myself getting a little ADD this afternoon.  I think it is time for vacation! 

Talk to you next week!



♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Have a great spa day. Sounds fun.

FitBy40 said...

Oh, for the love of God, please take me on your spa day! I could really use that right about now!
Have fun.

Cheri said...

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend!!