Thursday, June 27, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

1.  CrossFit was super fun this morning.  I love all of the trainers, but my favorite was there today.  Plus we did atlas stone work.  Here is what I mean:
These always make me feel so badass.  And here are the bruises to show for it!

These are my shoulders even though it is hard to tell.  Looks like I have some scary rash.  Ha!

2.  My friends at work got Chipotle for lunch yesterday and even though I wanted some for dinner all day after that, I went home and had my healthy dinner as originally planned.  One of my employees went to Chipotle today and asked if she could pick me up something and I held fast.  I'm so proud!!

3.  We had our work birthday celebration today and they are brought in my favorite cupcakes.  All of the healthy eating and working out makes me feel totally fine eating this joyous treat!  The no Chipotle rule was put into effect as soon as I found out we were getting bundtinis.
4.  I'm a bit of a Stella & Dot fanatic.  These are my two newest purchases...
5.  Rangers beat the Yankees again today!  Woohoo!  They had a real run of bad games, so it is nice to see them winning again.  Although I'm not sure what I'm going to do tonight since there is no game to watch!  #firstworldproblems
6.  I believe I have convinced myself to get up early for CrossFit tomorrow.  I don't usually go on Fridays, but I only went twice last week because of the Tulsa trip.
7.  We are leaving for Louisiana on the 4th for a few days.  I wonder if I can get myself to go to CrossFit Monday-Wednesday next week.  I will have to make that a goal!
8.  Have you ever shopped on Zulily?  I bought a dress but I'm nervous it won't fit.  I have a bad time with stuff off the internet.  Fingers crossed!
9.  All of the work is so I can look like this again...
10.  I got a compliment today.  After Godmother & I worked out at lunch, we got on the elevator to go back upstairs.  A cute guy got on with us and he had a Whataburger bag.  We were teasing him that we were going to steal it from him.  Anyway, he said, "I like your heels" with a little smile.  Hmmm...  First, thank you!  Second, do straight guys say heels?  Not sure, but either way it was a compliment.  Here are the heels in question:


Sandy said...

Love the heels. And might try to get that S&D bracelet. So cute.

Sarah G said...

Those heels are hot!

Cat said...

You are such a badass with bruises to prove it!

Glad you enjoyed your cupcakes. That's the good stuff in life.

Love those heels...SO pretty!

/heart u

FitBy40 said...

OMG, those shoes are adorable! I love them,and this proves I need to get new shoes :-)
Not sure if straight guys say heels. I'd imagine he would have said 'shoes'. Who knows!
Great job on all that kick ass exercise!
Proud of you

Cheri said...

I like your heels too!!