Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday, November 10th

Another great weekend! Friday night I had thought we were meeting a former coworker, but I had mixed up my days so we weren't able to meet up. Instead, BFF & I went to my favorite restaurant HG Sply Co. They had changed up their menu a bit so I got something new and it was delicious! After dinner, we walked across the street to Trader Joe's where I ended up buying too much chocolate and my flowers for the week.
 I have really enjoyed the fresh flowers each week. They aren't that expensive and they brighten every day!

Saturday morning started with Jazzercise. I ended up making fish tacos later that day. I think I need a new skillet. My fish stuck to it (and I used plenty of oil) and it really made the fish break apart. It isn't a big deal for the tacos, but it would be a problem if I just wanted to cook a fish fillet which is something I'm working toward. Anyway, the tacos tasted delicious and I made a Spanish take on fried rice to go with them. Totally yummy!

Yesterday I did my normal Sunday morning breakfast at the local cafe and read my paper. I love my Sunday morning routine. Afterward, I went home and did chores and watched football. Also I watched the HBO mini series Olive Kitteridge. I thought it was really good! I even managed to go walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes during the day to get in a little more fitness. I ate a lot of that chocolate from Trader Joe's, so I needed it. :-)

Here is today's Gwynnie Bee item...the shirt:

It isn't my favorite thing, but I do like it with the gray maxi skirt. Definitely a solid work choice. It is especially comfortable! I definitely enjoy having new things to wear all the time.

Leaving you with this today:

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FitBy40 said...

Ooh, I like that shirt.
I checked out their website and I have to say, what a great idea!
If you don't mind me asking...what does it cost for the membership?