Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday, 11/04

Settle in for some picture pages, my friends. I had a fantastic weekend!

Friday afternoon, our amazing company had a fish fry picnic. It was a little windy, but we had a great time and the food was awesome, as usual. They let us leave for the day after the picnic which is always nice. BFF & I headed home and got the keys to the storage unit we are sharing. It is nice to get all the extra boxes cleared out of the bedroom & living room! My place is really starting to look like home.

Saturday we drove to Canton, TX for First Monday Trade Days. I have never been before and was excited to go. It is a GIANT marketplace. They have antiques, crafts, food, boutique clothes...all sorts of things. We spent about 3-4 hours walking around the booths. I want my parents to come visit and go because I think they would love it. We each bought a few things, but my favorite is my new tree topper. Every year I top my Christmas tree with something different, usually a hat. I have had a cowboy hat, all sorts of different Santa hats, among other things. This is what I have for this year:

 It is kind of a top hat with the most adorable Christmas decor. The second picture has some added fairy lights which I'm not sure if I will use or not because they would be kind of a pain to turn on and off. We will see. But I absolutely love it. Even if I don't use it as the topper in the future, I will totally use it as a centerpiece or maybe I will even wear it to a party. :-)

We drove back in the afternoon and even made it to church. I have to say that I'm really enjoying our new church. I think we have found our home, at least while we are downtown.

Sunday we went to the NASCAR race. We have had season tickets for several years, but didn't renew them this year. Neither of us keep up with it much anymore and we decided to spend the money elsewhere. This race our friends from the track weren't able to use their tickets and gave them to us. It was fun to be there, but without them there too, it was just okay. We ended up ducking out early for the first time ever, I think.
Yesterday was just the most delightful day. We decided to take the day off since we were all over the place for the weekend. With the time change, I was up early and chores were done quick. I decided to take a walk for breakfast and walked a couple miles around downtown picking up donuts and coffee. It was lovely! We made a grocery store run and I got my flowers for the week.
Then I walked down to Corner Bakery for lunch because I have craving their salad. It was a bonus that there was an Elvis impersonator outside entertaining the tourists. How fun is that?!? After doing a few more chores around the apartment and watching several catch up episodes of Sons of Anarchy, I met up with BFF to go to Jazzercise. I will say that I had told myself I would check out the local CrossFit yesterday, but I chickened out. But as long as I'm Jazzercising and running, I'm not going to shame myself for not going. I don't know why it intimidates me so much, but there you go. Maybe it will be a 2015 New Years goal or something.

Now, for the fashion blog portion of the post. I was excited to see my new Gwynnie Bee items this morning. Since I get them delivered to work, I had to wear something of my own today, but more on that later. The first GB item I received was a dress. I was really sad because this dress was just bad. First, it was a wrinkled mess. I know that isn't really GB's fault as the material is just going to wrinkle, but who wants to have to iron or dry clean before you wear it? Anyway, I got past that to try it on and it didn't fit well either. The top fit well, although it was quite low cut. A cami would fix that though. But the hips were WAY too tight and the pockets stuck out.
The belt was pretty. The sleeves are navy and the bodice/skirt are black. I think it was supposed to be a color block effect, but there wasn't enough difference in the colors. It ends up just looking a little odd. Oh well, back in the return bag so I can get something else! You do get a glimpse of my new shoe booties here though. I feel sure these are going to be some of my new favorite shoes.

The two other GB items of the week are shirts. One is definitely going to be worn, but I have questions on the other. Here it is...
I went with the sizing chart and got a size smaller than I normally would. Since it fits tight at the hips I wish I wouldn't have done that. But I think if I wear well fitting pants, it would probably be fine. The pattern seems kind of ugly odd though. I want to commit to trying things, so I think I will give it a shot and see what kind of feedback I get. That is part of the fun, yeah? I will keep you posted.

Tonight we have a work dinner and then we are going to go see the Stars play. Should be fun! Here is the outfit I settled on:

It is a little dark, but you get the idea. I got the shirt at Canton and paired it with my orange & navy crazy pants. I feel fun.


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