Monday, November 17, 2014

Well, Sh*t

Thank goodness I am blogging. If it weren't for this blog, I would not have weighed today. Last week with the [insert excuses] and then the week before with the [more excuses], I have packed on a whopping [insert stupid ridiculous amount] pounds in the last two weeks. Sigh.

I know that if I wasn't accounting for myself here, I would have just written it of as "the holidays" and would step on the scale on January 2nd and cry. So, as pissed at myself as I am this morning, I'm grateful that I am committed to keeping myself focused as much as possible.

I don't have a huge "plan" at the moment. Today is Monday and Monday's are always fine. I will eat like a champ, I just have to make myself get to Jazzercise. It is cold so it will be a challenge, but I'm committed today. Tomorrow and Wednesday I'm traveling for business. I'm going with a coworker and we will be busy so I truly think as long as I limit my drinking, it will be fine.

I have purged my apartment of snacky food so Thursday should be okay too. The weekend is (always) the problem. One step at a time.

I forgot to take pictures of this week's flowers. But I do have today's outfit:
 I'm a little bummed because you can't see it very well. The skirt is from Gwynnie Bee. As much as I love dresses, I'm not a big fan of skirts. It is black with a pattern of little teal, orange and cream triangles. I am wearing teal tights with my platform black oxfords. On top I have a mesh tank with a short-sleeved knit cardigan. Because it is FREEZING here, I'm also wearing a gray knit blazer:
It looks pretty cute. I really do love bright tights with these shoes.

This weekend was my youngest godson's second birthday. He is such a doll!
I tried to be objective looking at this picture of myself. At first I hated it (because...fat) but then I kept looking at it and decided it was fine. I sure do love that kid.

Finally, I will leave you with this:
I may always be fighting a battle to be smaller, but I vow to not hide who I am and to be happy with myself and love myself no matter what. To be frank, that will be harder if I get bigger, so best to keep fighting now. Another week on the hamster wheel, no big deal.



FritoBandito said...

Geeze...I could have written this post. Only difference is that I am too scared to get on the scale yet. But I know I have to face the music. I can feel the weight gain.

Hollee said...

The first paragraph made me smile, because it has applied to each and every one of us at some point or another. I'm glad you're here too, it makes me feel less alone.

Many of my bloggers have stopped blogging and stopped responding...which likely means stopped reading, so I'm glad you're still here. Still fighting the battle along side me :)

Lap Band Gal said...

Great accountability my friend :)
Cute outfits too. Looking GOOD!

FitBy40 said...

Look at that teeny tiny waist of yours! Be proud.