Friday, November 7, 2014

TGIF, 11/07

Good morning! I realized after I got dressed this morning that I did not weigh today. Not a big deal, but when I "forget" to do that, it tends to become a pattern then all of a sudden I'm fighting a 5 pound gain. So, I'm calling myself out and am committing to not letting that happen.

No new Gwynnie Bee things yet. My next item should be delivered today and then two others on Monday or Tuesday. The first batch went so well it is hard not to be disappointed that only one item worked in the second set.

Today I decided to wear my new leggings from Canton with my new gray boots. We need better lighting in my work bathroom so you can see my pictures better. Ha! I'm not sure when this turned into a fashion blog, but I'm having fun so whatevs.
This weekend should be relatively quiet. Tonight, BFF & I are meeting a former coworker for dinner tonight. Tomorrow we will Jazzercise in the morning, but the rest of the day is wide open! Except for church, of course. After church I'm planning to make fish tacos and Spanish rice. I tried to cook fish exactly one time and it did NOT work out well. So, I'm trying again and I figure tacos is an easy way to go. Stay tuned.

Sunday will be full of football and laundry, just the way I like it.

Week in review:
Nutrition: not so great. I need to do better. I allowed myself too many sweet treats in particular during the week.
Fitness: I did well here. After tomorrow, I will have Jazzercised twice, ran twice and walked briskly once. With the holidays coming up, it will be hard to get in 4 & 5 workouts a week, so I need to continue to push it.
Home: When I moved I made it my goal to be more organized. I have continued to keep the apartment picked up each night, I have kept up on the dishes and I have even been good about getting fresh cut flowers each week. I definitely feel like I'm doing well in this category.


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