Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday, November 11

Happy Veterans Day! Today is also one of my best friend's birthdays and she is married to a veteran. They are solidly in my heart today (as they are everyday!)

Yesterday I Jazzercised so my fitness was spot on. My eating was fine, not spectacular, but fine. I wanted a beer last night and didn't drink one, so there is that.

Here is my Gynnie Bee outfit of the day:
It is a little blurry but you get the idea. The dress came from GB and I added the denim jacket, ribbon belt and booties. Here is the dress without the jacket:
I'm still trying to figure out how to take the best selfie so you see the outfit and I don't cover my face like I'm in witness protection or something. I'm running at lunch so I have on minimal makeup on but I brought some along with my hair tools so I can freshen up this afternoon before dinner. I don't want to let after work plans keep me from working out at lunch.

I just realized that I forgot earrings!! I keep doing that. It seems that I get caught up in accessorizing and focus on one thing (in this case the necklace) and forget something else (i.e. earrings.) I will get better! I think that this dress is extremely flattering and the ribbon belt looks cute. It is really cold today here so hopefully I don't regret the bare legs, but I thought I would be hot after lunch. We shall see.

I will leave you with this:


FritoBandito said...

Loving the GB things. I wish I had the money to give this a shot. Love the concept. Glad you are having fun with it!

Tracey said...

Super cute dresses Beth Ann. You look so happy and healthy.