Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Another day

Today I'm starting with my favorite picture of all time:

This is why I love unicorns and rhinos. I'm the misunderstood rhinoceros working to become a unicorn someday. :-)


Breakfast - meatballs & egg
Lunch - went to Salata, built a salad: lettuce, mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepitas, blue cheese, and herb vinaigrette dressing. No bread, croutons, etc. I felt good about it.
Snack - turkey hummus roll ups
Dinner - crab salad with crackers

I didn't end up going out to eat last night, so I had crab salad & crackers. I will have the rest tonight.


I'm leaving for Austin early tomorrow morning and have to be at the airport around 7am. I almost talked myself out of going to yoga tonight with the excuse of getting ready for my trip. But in reality, there isn't anything to do. I'm just flying in for the day, so I don't have to pack. I don't even have to be at the airport that early because I don't have bags. I was just making an excuse.

But my accountability partner said she was going and it made me realize I was being dumb. Now I am determined I will go!


Here is a close up of today's dress with my new Stella Birdie necklace.
It is awkward to take a picture in my new mirror because my temporary office has window walls and everyone would see me. So here is my bottom half. :)
It pulls at my belly a little more noticeably in the picture. I think because my arms were up. It is really pretty. I'm obviously having a lot of fun with my Gwynnie Bee subscription.

Today I'm teaching myself how to make dashboards in Excel by listening to You Tube videos. I'm sure there are people here that could do in 20 minutes what it is going to take me 3 days to do, but I like to learn and if I set it up, I will know better how to maintain and/or troubleshoot it.

I mentioned that I'm going to Austin tomorrow to do some site visits for work. I don't love travelling for work, but the site visits do seem to help build relationships between me and the on-site teams. Also, it is fun to see the things that we build in person! FYI...I work for an apartment developer and contractor. We have built all over the country. I'm the head of our Treasury and Risk Management groups. I actually love my job and my company. Speaking of, back to work I go...

I will leave you with this thought:



HappinessSavouredHot said...

Your food sounds great, and I like that you have an accountability partner! That makes such a difference. :-)

Manda said...

Well I hope you enjoyed Austin. I live in the Cedar Park area, outside of it. I love it here. And your job definitely sounds fun and interesting.