Monday, February 2, 2015

Not bad for a Monday


I did lose 1/2 a pound on the scale this week, but I'm even more pleased with my monthly update. Unfortunately, I left the info at home, so I will have more on that tomorrow.

Breakfast - Cauliflower and pork meatballs with a teaspoon of buffalo sauce and a boiled egg. And coffee.
Lunch - Brussel sprouts with bacon and a cheddar pepper sausage link
Snack -Dessert Mondays (Our team is having Dessert Mondays while we are in our temporary space. I will do my best!)
Dinner - Leftover Vegetable Budin from Meso Maya. Yum!

The breakfast meatballs are only okay. I only have to eat them M-W, so I'm sucking it up and doing it. The brussel sprouts with bacon are awesome. I just tossed the (halved) brussels with a little bit of oil salt and pepper then put them on a cookie sheet and added some diced raw bacon. I cooked for about 35 minutes on 400 degrees. Oh Em Gee. Yumminess. I think I might try the same thing with broccoli next week. It makes about 5-6 servings and I only used about 4 pieces of bacon, so the calorie to taste ratio is worth it!

I was really proud of my run on Friday, but I didn't do much in the way of fitness over the weekend. Today I will make up for it. I ran at lunch. It was literally freezing outside at 32 degrees so it took me a little while to warm up, but I got it done. I jogged for the full 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I went almost a full 1/10 of a mile shorter in the same amount of time from Friday. But A. I'm sure it was because it took so long to warm up and B. according to my Fitbit I burned almost the same amount of calories which is really the point. 

Tonight, I'm meeting Debi for yoga. Nothing like a run in the cold and then yoga in the hot! I want to use my Surge for a while before I review it. I love it for my running, but I will get to use it with yoga tonight.


Gwynnie Bee outfit of the day:

I added a stock picture of the dress so you could see the detail at the hem, but you can't really see it in that either. It is super cute. It is slightly too big, but I put a scarf belt around it and it worked.

It was a bit of a low key weekend. After work on Friday, BFF & I went out for sushi. It was yum and we got a little tipsy. So we walked around the area a little while before heading home, but none of the stores were open so we just looked in the windows.

Saturday, we drove to the burbs bright and early. We had breakfast and then picked up our godsons. We took them to the Marvel Live show at American Airlines Center. We were fortunate enough to get the company tickets. The boys had such a great time!
Saturday night we went to church and then walked to Chipotle in the rain. #downtownliving

There are lots of fun things coming up in February so I'm excited!

I realized today that I haven't been getting emails when you all comment on my blog. They were spotty for a while, but now they have stopped altogether. I'm trying to fix that. :( Did this happen with any of you ?


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FitBy40 said...

I can't wait to try the roasted brussel sprouts! I'm the only one in my family that likes them, but if I roast them I bet the hubby will eat them too!
When I leave a comment for you I get an email that says it was undeliverable. Weird.