Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Tired but getting it done

Wow, I'm super tired today. I went to bed early, but I had a restless night. I could serious lie down and take a nap which is unusual for me. On a happy note, in the last two days I have lost my 5 pound bloat. I KNEW that it was hormonal gain, but it certainly feels a lot better when the scale proves it.


Checking in from last night to say that it was a success. I chose to have two bourbon drinks, but my entree was grilled salmon with corn relish (which was basically corn and some peppers tossed in a light oil dressing.) I was about 75 calories over my budget yesterday and I'm totally cool with that.

Breakfast: Breakfast meatloaf with boiled egg
Lunch: Sweet Tomatoes...I had a salad with lots of veggies, a little blue cheese and honey mustard dressing, a small sweet potato and a serving of sugar free chocolate mousse.
Snack: sliced turkey
Dinner: Leftover salmon and corn relish from last night and some leftover tortilla soup from BFF


Going to yoga tonight!


Here is my Gwynnie Bee item of the day (the cardigan). I it is a little more hippy chic than I usually wear, but it is cute. Plus, the picture angle made me look super skinny. Ha!

I will leave you with this:



Gwen said...

congrats on losing that hormonal bloat! :)

Can I get on your blog roll, pretty please? :) said...

I think that long sweater is slimming. Hippie girl :-) Just kidding. It sounds like your eating is right on track.