Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tuesday Quickie

Today is a bit of a quickie. I could skip a daily post, I mean they aren't very exciting. But if I'm honest with myself, once I skip one, then I skip another. Next thing I know it has been a month and I'm so far off track. If I'm blogging, I'm at least staying within some sort of boundaries.


Breakfast - Breakfast meatloaf & boiled egg
Lunch - Paleo Sliders and brussels
Snack - mixed nuts
Dinner - TBD We are going out for our monthly girls' dinner, so I want to balance trying something different and fun with being conscious not to eat extra calories just because. I'm currently deciding between the catfish tacos and the bbq salmon. At least the food looks fresh and farm to table.


I ran today! That makes THREE DAYS IN A ROW!! Seriously, that is like a record or something. I didn't run quite as fast today as I did yesterday, but there was a stronger head wind coming back today. According to my Fitbit, I almost as hard...just a few calories less. Still over 400 in 30 minutes, so not too shabby.

FYI...I want to use my Fitbit at Jazzercise before I review it. I have also asked BFF to review hers. I should have them published by Friday or Monday.


I had to show you the party dress I got last night from Gwynnie Bee. This is the front view:
Cute, right? But here is the side view...
I look preggo! My waist is the one thing I have always loved about my body. Well, loved might be a strong word, but it was definitely a plus. This dress was so unbelievably unflattering. It was so sad that I cracked up. I think it might have been too short-waisted. I don't know. I didn't have anywhere to wear it anyway. Back in the blue bag!

Here is what I wore today:
Not the most exciting garment, but it is a fun "one wear". Then I will send it back tomorrow.

I have noticed that I'm doing a lot of retail therapy (for what I don't know...) Last night I ordered this:
In my defense, Kate was having a huge sale and I got it at over 60% off. Does that help?

Anyway, got to go. I will check in with you tomorrow and let you know how successful I was tonight!



Dawnya said...

What is breakfast meatloaf?

Gwen said...

ADORABLE purse, and yes, that dress did you NO favors. Compared to in the slacks outfit, you looked MUCH heavier. Good call to ditch it!

Hollee said...

that dress didn't do anyone any favors! I got it and didn't even try it on...

Laura Belle said...

Dang it that dress was cute! But I agree, it wouldn't do anyone favors!

LOVE the purse! And TOTALLY worth it if you got it on sale!!!