Friday, February 20, 2015


Check In

Yesterday was another good day. I ate exactly as planned and I went to Jazzercise. Yay!


Breakfast - I did upsize to a Grande this morning. Bacon Frittata Muffins.*
Lunch - Pei Wei Small Shrimp Lo Mein Bowl
Snack - I don't think I'm going to need a snack today, but if I do it will be a boiled egg.
Dinner - Crab legs at Joe's. It has been a LONG time since BFF & I have done our geriatric early bird dinners, but I'm really looking forward to it. I can even have a drink!

* I have heard a lot of people talking this year about how giving up meat on Friday during Lent is silly because it doesn't serve its intended purpose. For instance, me having crab legs for dinner certainly isn't any kind of sacrifice. I have a couple of thoughts on that:

1. I think that is mostly true. Just giving up meat and simply replacing it with other "luxury" foods doesn't really fulfill the Lenten commitment.
2.  However, everyone's journey (just like weight loss!) is different and we can't judge what others do. Why would we want to? I couldn't care less if the practicing Catholic sitting next to me at church abstains from meat or not. Similarly, if they only abstain at lunch but eat it for dinner...why should I care? So, while giving up meat may not be important to one person, it might be to another.
3. I contemplated God more this morning while picking out the delicious bacon from my muffins this morning than I have in a while. You just never know...


Nothing today. I'm going to Jazzercise tomorrow morning. Sunday is our Jazzercise halftime show with the Mavericks, so we will be practicing a lot and running around most of the day. Did I mention that I get to sit courtside? My life is awesome.


Today's Gwynnie Bee shirt:
Lizard sure takes a flattering picture, doesn't she? :) Minimize those hips, baby! I look forward to skinny jeans going out of style. Bring back those flared legs! I need volume to balance out my thighs... Oh well, whatevs. It's a cute outfit.


The weekend is here again. Tonight I'm having crabs which I love and surprisingly don't have a lot of calories. I don't use the butter. Except that one time when they spilled the whole liquid butter container in my crab bucket. I still ate it. Let's hope that doesn't happen again!! Because I'm here to tell you that I will eat it. It isn't even a question.

Tomorrow should be okay because I will be busy. I have to get all of my normal chores (which I spread over the weekend normally) done in about 4 hours on Saturday. So I think I will be very distracted.

Sunday morning I have to get up and cook all my Home Chef meals and be ready to leave by noon. I'm not going to run this weekend because of all the Jazzercise. I just have to take one good choice at a time.

I will leave you with this post I saw on Facebook:

Absolutely no question about it, my answer would be my grandma who passed away several years ago. <3 What about you?


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FitBy40 said...

I was just going to write a little something about Lent...I'm giving up meat every day for the full 40! It's not that hard for me though, I don't eat a ton of meat anyway.
You're doing great!