Monday, February 23, 2015

Icepocalypse 2015

North Texas does not do sleet and ice. Our offices are closed along with most of the metroplex. I did take a quick walk to Starbucks to check out the situation. In my ear flap hat, running jacket, raincoat, two pairs of gloves, leggings, sweat pants and rain boots, I was somewhat comfortable on my 3 block walk. I watched cars try to move after being stopped at a light going was not pretty. My walk back was a little more challenging because it started sleeting again and I was walking into the wind. I'm super glad I don't have to go anywhere today!

Checking In

Lots has happened since I last posted. My fitness was great. Jazzercised on Saturday and did a lot of walking and Jazzercise yesterday. I didn't eat super well, but I consumed less calories than I burned each day, so yay!

We did the halftime show during the mavericks game. You can watch below. I'm actually on camera mid 2nd song. Luckily the cameraman cut away just as I (and the person next to me) totally screwed up. Go cameraman!

We had floor seats and got to see the players up close and personal. We were playing the Charlotte Hornets and Cody Zeller grew up in the same area I did, so I was glad to see him play.
 Floor Seats
VIP Lounge

Weekly Check In

Since I'm iced in, I don't have access to the information I keep logged at work, but I think I lost 1 pound for the week. Not lighting the world on fire, but continuing in the right direction. Next weekend it will be time to measure again.


Breakfast: Starbucks (sticking to the non-fat) Since I was home, I cooked up a little breakfast sausage and eggs.
Lunch: leftover vegetable budin which is kind of a mexican lasagna
Snack: strawberries and pecans
Dinner: Home Chef mahi mahi
All of my Home Chef dishes look great this week! The vegetable paella is the prettiest:
If you are interested in trying Home Chef, I can have a free box to send someone. Just leave your email address in the comments and I will send out.


My challenge for today is to get in some exercise even though I'm iced in. It can be anything, I just have to do something.


I'm in sweats today, so I got nothing here. :-)

I'm going to go under a blanket and check my emails. Stay warm out there, folks!



Gwen said...

enjoy your snow day! I'm jealous; we never get those in southern Cal. :)

Sarah said...

Being from Wisconsin, I always giggle over how other parts of the country shut down when it snows. It snows here from Nov to Apr. The only time we shut down is when we are expecting more than a foot or if its more than -35 degrees. :) That said, I wish I could have a snow day! I'd bake and nap and curl up in front of the fireplace.

Sarah said...

We are still praying for snow in No. Nevada. It's been a dry, dry winter. We will be drinking dust this summer. Good job on the weight loss. Slow and steady, you know that works best for long term success. I'd like to review a Home Chef meal.