Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ten Things Thursday (tm Laura Belle)

1. I'm slightly angry at myself for not pulling something out of the freezer last night or this morning for dinner tonight. There is no reason I can't defrost something when I get home, but it will make it that much harder to make good choices. It is a dumb thing to do to not be prepared. I have some very delicious soups in there I just need to warm up.

2. Breakfast, lunch and snack are the same as they have been all week. It really makes a difference when I truly like what I have cooked. Especially later in the week. I have one more batch of leftovers tomorrow and even though not going out to lunch with the gang on Fridays stinks, I'm going to try and run instead.

3. Speaking of fitness, I went to yoga last night and it was lovely. I can really tell a difference from the beginning. I have a LONG way to go but I definitely see improvement.

4. I took the picture below this morning and was shocked at how my face looked. So I compared it to one from two months ago:
Then I realized that it was probably the angle, so I took another one that was more the same angle:
It isn't as dramatic, but you can definitely tell a difference. There is virtually no weight difference between the left and right pictures...MAYBE 4-5 pounds max and at my weight, that is a small fluctuation. This is a great visual representation of the measurement difference I noticed last week. It gives me motivation that the scale has not.

5. Running is what does it. I mean it kind of pisses me off because I hate running. But there is no denying that it does for me what nothing else does. CrossFit did great things too but as far as weight loss or losing inches...running is what does it for me.

Well, damn it. I'm Jazzercising tonight and Saturday, but I'm trying very hard (as I mentioned above) to make myself run tomorrow at lunch. I would REALLY like to break this plateau I have been on for a while. (See how the scale talk just weaseled its way back in there. Ugh.)

6. Another way I'm trying to break that plateau is through food. I joined Home Chef and I got my first delivery today. I will absolutely let you know how it goes.

7. Here is my Gwynnie Bee outfit of the day:
It is cute! You can't really tell from this angle, but my boobs look huge. Ha!  Plus, my neck looks longer. Maybe it is the yoga? :)

8. While I'm posting pictures, here is one of my new headband:
I forgot mine for yoga last night and they had these for sale for $3.50. First, it fit my ginormous head and second, it really soaked up the sweat. I'm a fan! I will have to get a few more.

9. My new purse is here. It is in a box I can see from my desk as I type this. I'm waiting until I get home to open it. It will give me something to do while I wait on my soup to defrost. But I'm super excited!

10. A little while ago, I asked my Facebook friends for their favorite workout tunes because I needed something new. Here is the playlist that resulted:
I absolutely LOVE Suit and I think the I Bet My Life song is my second favorite although as much as I hate to say it, the Rihanna and Kanye song is pretty awesome. Yes, that is Let It Go on there. It was a surprisingly good running song for me. :)

So what are your favorite workout tunes?


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Gwen said...

MAJOR difference in your face! Great non scale victory! Congrats!