Thursday, February 19, 2015

Going Strong

Good morning! As you all probably know, yesterday was Ash Wednesday. I think I wrote yesterday about how I am tying my healthy choices with my Lenten promises.

(Sidenote: I do love my new necklace!) But this morning, I added a new promise. Every morning, I get so frustrated with traffic and the dumb things that drivers do, that I will be in a bad mood by the time I get to work. This is silly for so many reasons not the least of which is that my commute is tiny! So I have promised myself, at least for 40 days, that I will not get mad at other drivers, that I will have a more peaceful drive to work. This morning I felt a difference although I have some work to do. :)

Checking In

Yesterday was another successful day! I made good choices and yoga felt great. No confessions needed. :) I found myself lately drinking more soda which I wanted to stop. I love water and drink a ton of it throughout the day but find myself wanting something different at dinner. I recently had La Croix water at a friend's house and bought some for myself. Last night I had the peach-pear flavor. It is peachy without being sweet. I like it! I'm hoping that it will give me that "different" I crave without triggering sugar cravings.


Breakfast - Coffee and bacon frittata muffins
Lunch - Leftover Chicken and Sausage bake with quinoa from BFF
Snack - Apple
Dinner - Leftover Home Chef Mushroom Rissotto (I tried this for the first time last night and it was delicious!! My new Home Chef delivery comes today. YAY!)

Since my unfill, I'm finding that while I get A LOT hungrier in between meals, I don't think that it always takes much to satisfy the hunger. I'm trying to eat only what I need, not just eat it because it is there. For instance, I just ate about 1/2 of my leftovers today. If I get hungry and eat it later, I'm totally fine with that.


I had planned to go to yoga tonight, but I changed my mind and I'm going to Jazzercise instead. I need some cardio!


Gwynnie Bee dress of the day with and without my own jean jacket:
I look a little cranky in that second one. I swear I'm not!

I don't have any huge challenges for today so it should be smooth. But the weekend is coming and it will be one ginormous challenge!

I have started reading at night again, which is great but I this is me:

If you are a long time reader, you know I'm a huge fan of the Team USA men's indoor volleyball team. Their summer scheduled came out today and BFF are buying our plane tickets this afternoon! Our choices were the Chicago 'burbs, LA or Long Beach. I think we would enjoy any of them, but the timing works best for Chicago.

Speaking of BFF, I sent this to her yesterday for a giggle and I thought you all might like it. I'm not sure which of us is which though.



Jen said...

yay you are coming back to Chicago!!! let me know when. hope to see you again!

~Miss Lorie~ said...

THAT DRESS! Oh my heck! I am in love!

FritoBandito said...

The dress is fantastic!!! Both with and without the jacket!

Gwen said...

darling outfit! :)

FitBy40 said...

Love the dress with the jacket. Super cute.
I just finished "Before I Go"...can't remember the author right now, but it's definitely one I couldn't put down. Finished it in 2 days.