Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Ash Wednesday

Daily Check-In

Today is Ash Wednesday and the start of Lent. Each year I do something or give up something during this time and I wanted to think of something this year that could really let me focus on my priorities.

This year my Lenten commitment is to focus on my weight loss goals. While I have given up chocolate or some such thing in the past, I don't recall ever tying my weight loss ordeal with Lent. I think I was always scared that I would mess up (as I always seem to do with diet and exercise) and then feel doubly guilty. I'm not going to talk about the specifics, but I wanted to mention it.

Yesterday was a true challenge. First, I ended up eating the entire serving of BFF's leftovers for lunch. BFF cooks clean and healthy and I was legitimately still hungry. I'm glad I made that choice. After lunch I went to a (VERY BORING) class that lasted the entire afternoon. Around 3:00 I started to get hungry but when I went to reach for my emergency apple, I realized I forgot to bring it. Ugh! All they had at the class were cookies. Damn, damn, damn.

Let me stress how boring this class was. First of all, it was a tax accounting CPE class so the content wasn't even interesting. It was a video. And the sound was simply coming out of the computer at the front of the room, they didn't even have speakers. So basically, I could hear the sound overflowing from the ear buds of the guy behind me almost as clearly as I could hear the presentation. Then the girl behind me starting eating her McDonalds out of the paper fry at a time. Not only could I not hear anything, the smell probably didn't help my hunger. I do have to give kudos to the class though because no one cracked up when one of the guys woke himself up snoring.

Anyway, at 3:30 I just couldn't take it anymore and was trying to make excuses for a cookie. I decided instead to get my wallet and go out into the lobby to see if there was a vending machine. Maybe I could find something...probably not, but I was going to try. And then like a little food miracle, there was a granola bar in my purse under my wallet. Hallelujah!

After the class, I went back to work then BFF & I headed to dinner. I settled on a salad with turkey breast. I did eat 4 of BFF's potato chips, but only 4. No drinks, no dessert. Then we went to see Book of Mormon and it was AWESOME.

Don't get me wrong, it is totally offensive, but it is by the creators of South Park, so that is expected. My favorite two songs from the show are Turn it Off and But Mostly Me. Have a quick listen if you are interested...

I ended a day with no workouts, a meal out and a challenging snack situation with over a 600 calorie deficit. Nice!


Breakfast - I had my tall nonfat latte again this morning. Bacon frittata muffins (although I have to pick out the bacon for Ash Wednesday.)
Lunch - Leftover Home Chef Swordfish
Snack - Apple
Dinner - Home Chef Truffled Mushroom Risotto


Back to yoga today!


My Gwynnie Bee dress of the day:

Yes, another bathroom picture. I LOVE my new Stella & Dot Bloom necklace!

In honor of the concert Monday night, I will leave you with these:

So pretty.


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FritoBandito said...

Loved Book of Mormon! I sit here inhaling cookies in an emotional feeding have inspired me. Thank you for that.