Monday, February 16, 2015

I did it! At least for one weekend.

Weekly Check-In

Loss for the week: 2.8 pounds

I'm never ever going to be disappointed with a loss. That being said, for the work I did this week, that is low because this is mostly bloat loss. It's okay though, maybe it will catch up to me this week because it is going to be a bit of a challenge.

I had an amazingly healthy weekend. Food was in check. I Jazzericised on Saturday and ran on Sunday. Usually, if I net zero on the weekends, I consider it a win, but this weekend I had a 1,500 calorie deficit. 


I made my first Home Chef meal on Saturday after church for me and BFF. It was the Bangkok Style Pad Thai. It wasn't good. I didn't even finish it. But in all fairness, the protein was tofu and neither BFF nor I are vegetarians. If it would have been made with meat, I think we both would have been fine. It was just all one texture. But I wanted to try it, so there you go.

Breakfast - Bacon Frittata Muffins These are absolutely delicious. However, instead of using bacon as the cups, I chopped up and put it in the mix. But because of the cream and ricotta, the cups had a hard time staying together. I'm going to work on this recipe a bit because they taste amazing!

Lunch - Swordfish steaks from Home Chef. This recipe was GREAT! It was a bit heavy on the lemon and capers, but I liked it a lot.

Snack - apple with almond butter

Dinner - TBD We are going to the Maroon 5 concert tonight (woohoo!) so we are eating out. We are going to a restaurant that rotates their menu, so I'm not 100% sure what will be available. But there should be a healthy fish option. I'm going to go for that. No appetizer, no drinking, no dessert. I'm going to allow myself a diet soda at the concert, because quite honestly if I don't, I will probably cave and have a drink. Debi said she would help me stay accountable! I love her.


It is gross gloomy and cold outside today, but I can't really gripe because unlike the rest of the country, we have had some great weather this winter. I made myself go downstairs on the dreaded treadmill. Since this is the only day I can run all week, I had to do it. My pace was a bit slower than yesterday, but I worked hard. According to my Fitbit, I burned 515 calories in 35:00. That is truly amazing.


Here is my Gwynnie outfit of the day. Nothing too exciting, but cute! And I finally got to wear my red Stella necklace that I have had for a while. I forgot to take the picture before I worked out, so this is me sans makeup and wet hair, but it's not so bad. I'm changing for the concert tonight and I will try and remember to take a pic of that as well.


I read some of my old blog posts last night. My feet have been hurting something fierce with all of my added running lately and a post from years ago caught my attention. There was a point during my initial weightloss when my feet just didn't hurt much anymore. I was working out like crazy, but the constant pain just went away. What I realized is that I have inched back over my critical weight (well not just now, but over the past few years) and I have to do something about it.

That "critical" point is about 15-20 pounds less than I weigh now give or take. I realize that if I'm actually going to lose 20 pounds I have to sacrifice. All I'm telling myself is to get it done this week. Really...just get it done today. I need to go back to that way of thinking... that I just have to make good choices in this moment and not worry about the enormity of it all.

A friend posted this today...

No more freeloading. :-)

I will leave you with this funny that BFF sent me today:



Gwen said...

hope the pain goes away sooner rather than later. And congrats on the loss! said...

I can totally see your weight loss. You are doing well and you seem happy which makes me smile.