Friday, May 6, 2011

Running Accountability & Juggling Priorities


I took a look at the 5Ks I have done:

09/04/10 - 48:04
10/30/10 - 45:14
12/04/10 - 44:21
02/26/11 - 42:26

The first three were close together and I was really focused on my running.  The 4th was quite a bit later because I had been out of commission for a month for the tonsillectomy.  I know in that time I started to slack off on my running.  My race tomorrow will mark 70 days since the last one and since I log all of my exercise, I can tell you that I have run only 12 times since then.  And only twice in the last 30 days.  Yikes.  Time to refocus.

I think having those 5Ks looming over me is my best motivation.  I want to improve every time and this is the first time I'm worried about doing that.  Today I identified 2 or 3 more races that I will sign up for in June & July.  (It is going to be so darn hot...but I still need to do it!)  I'm trying to make sure they are close to home so I won't be stressed about getting there, etc. 

Also, with my Garmin watch giving me accurate results, I will learn a lot as I go. 

Juggling Priorities

As you know, I make a lot of goals.  And trying to make sure they all get accomplished...along with living everyday life can get a bit stressful.

Things I need to do today:
  • Get gas.  I meant to do it on the way to work this morning, but I forgot.  Not sure if I have enough to cover all these miles.
  • Get my car fixed (an everyday issue that I have to deal with today because my door handle fell off.  Heh.)
  • Pick up my packet for the race tomorrow.  (I COULD pick it up tomorrow morning, but I'm stressed about going alone and I don't really know where I'm going.  So I thought if I could get my packet tonight, that would help me tomorrow.)
  • Go to Jazzercise - I made a goal of attending 150 classes in 2011 which is roughly 3 per week. As of this morning, I'm 2 classes behind for the year.  I can't go tomorrow because of the race and I don't want to continue to get behind.  Plus June vacations are going to put me down even more.
  • Tan
I don't want to give up Jazzercise for the run, but I don't want to give up the run for Jazzercise.  This would be and mostly is all very doable.  The problem is that the car shop is about 30 minutes west of where I work, then the packet pick up is another 20 minutes southwest of that.  Jazzercise is roughly 45 minutes back east, just south of where I work.  Then home is about 15 minutes back west.  So, in order to get it all in, I'm going to have to drive in a big gigantic circle and be quick about it.  I have decided that if something breaks down, i.e. the car takes longer to fix than they said, then I will skip Jazzercise.  The race is tomorrow, but I have more time to deal with my Jazzercise goal.

I still think I can do it though and once I'm done, it will still only be about 7pm.  Plenty of time to relax before I have to go to bed.  The race is at 8am, so I think if I leave by 7am, I should be fine.  So that's not too horrible.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  I will check in with you tomorrow about the race.  :)



Midwest Meg said...

I think I get a good work out just READING about your busy life! I'm jealous!
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Cat's Chic Chat said...

Good luck on your run! You are going to do great.

Liz said...

Sounds like a full day! You will get it all done!!!

Laura Belle said...

Wow! Busy bee!

Good luck on the race!

Ya, I think worrying about the race tomorrow vs keeping up with the Jazz workouts is the best bet. I mean next week will be 'lighter' so you can add another class then!

Fluffy said...

Good luck tomorrow! Have fun!

FitBy40 said...

Oh you're good. I'm planning a race for September and think I need all this time to get ready. I'm proud that you're already planning on doing races over the summer! Go you!

Drazil said...

YOu have fun girl...LOVE your inspire me!