Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday doesn't usually ramble this much...

So Blogger goes down for a day and I go AWOL.  :)  I had a super busy weekend and I missed you guys!


Work is work is work.  After, we went to see Bridesmaids.  It was more chick flick than I had anticipated, but it was a nice balance.  I loved it!  At one point, I was hiding my face and laughing so hard I couldn't make a sound.  :)


Jazzercise, errands, a show.  BFF, another friend, & I went to see Broadway, Our Way done by the Uptown Players.  They are a very liberal group, but one of the best regional theaters I have ever attended.  We had a blast!


After church, I met the fabulous Fluffy for some lunch and light shopping.  If you all don't follow her, you should.  First, she is a cool, nice person and I'm glad to count her as my friend.  But beyond that, she had her surgery long ago and has SO much Band wisdom to impart.  She doesn't tell you it is easy, but she doesn't martyr herself either.  It is what it is and she is straight up about it.  This time she made me look at a couple of my challenges in new ways and I walked away from her feeling reinvigorated.  Thanks Fluffy! 


That brings me to my big revelation of the day...I cannot have chocolate in my home.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up chocolate.  Not at all.  But I need for it to be a concious choice that I make to give myself a treat because I truly want it and not a mindless action to have something because it is there.  I went through this with ice cream several months ago and stopped keeping it around.  Recently I started again and I have 1/2 pint of Dulce de Leche in my freezer that I haven't touched in weeks.  It probably isn't even good anymore.  So, I have a precedent for success.  :)

For the longest time, just making sure that my treats were within my calorie count would keep me in check.  That is no more.  No problem.  I gave what was left of my stash to BFF to take to work yesterday.  Last night for my treat, I had some sugar free pudding.  And GASP...I was fine.  I knew I would be, I just had to get it out of the house to make it happen. (Oh, and Tori, I tried coffee without cream on Sunday and I liked it!  Who knew??  :))

It's funny (well, not really funny, but you know what I mean), for a fleeting moment, I thought I might need a fill.  But when I added up the calories I was getting from chocolate, I saw pretty quickly that wasn't the case.  I'm where I need to be and I think I hunger and satisfy like a "normal" person, I just have to make the good choices that ANYBODY has to make when they are trying to lose weight.  Sometimes, I just need a reminder!


I got the pictures from my last 5K yesterday.  I kid you not that when I first went to the website link, I started to scroll down because I didn't recognize myself.  I'm not sure if it the hair, the fact that you can see space between my legs, or what...but it took a bit for me to realize it was me.  Check out my thumbs.  That is how I run (and Jazzercise), like I'm hitchhiking.  Or as Lizard says, I'm saying "thumbs up" to running.  Ha!
Final thoughts

Next week I find out what Olympic tickets we get.  I really, really hope that we got what we want!!!  I have training at work ALL WEEK, so no lunch workouts.  Plus I have dinner with a friend tonight and theater tickets tomorrow night, so I'm going to have to make sure I get to Jazzercise on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  That will be good though since I need to catch up on my Jazzercise class goal anyway.  Oh, and if I didn't mention it before, I now have plane tickets and my hotel reservation for Chicago!  YAY!!

I almost forget, I lost a pound last week.  After feeling like I was going off the rails, I will totally take it.  Just a couple more pounds and I am back in business.  :)

I will catch up on all your fun posts over the next few days.  Have a great week, angels!



Ronnie said...

Yay for getting back to blogging, I see lots of people have been absent (not just me!). Must be spring fever!

Super jealous you all went shopping without me. ;)

LOVE the picture, by the way! You look gorgeous! (And I can't keep chocolate in the house either or I go apeshit. LOL)

Sandy Lee said...

I feel ya about the chocolate. It's like crack. Congrats on the 5k. Keep that new bod moving. You look fantastic.

Cat's Chic Chat said...

Love love love the 5K pic!! Look at you "thumbs up" to running!

Congrats on knowing to get the chocolate out of the house. I did the same thing with ice cream at the beginning of my banding. We have DQ once every two weeks on Thurs night and that is MUCH better for me to plan then to just have ice cream in the house.

Leslie said...

Look at your running picture!! You look so cute!!

I think knowing how you can handle treats and if you can have them in your house and what not is half the battle of losing weight. Good for you recognizing what you need to do!

Sarah G said...

Great update! Congrats on all fronts!

Laura Belle said...

I love the picture. You look so focused!
I'm the same way about pretty much any crap junk food, if it's around...I'm gonna eat it. Now I just need to practice not keeping it around! :-)

tagyourit said...

Same thing for me and chocolate. I love the running pic and I wish I was thumbs up to running!

Amanda said...

What a great picture of you running!

I have been AWOL myself! YOu've just reminded me to book my hotel room! Thanks for that! Can't wait to see you!

Kerri said...

5K pic ROCKS!!!! You should frame it! It is SOOOOO inspiring!!! I hope my first 5k running pic looks as good as that! I <3 you! I have to stay away from chocolate too. Can't even have ice cream in the house or it will get eaten...by me! I'm so glad we are roomies and can't wait to meet you "in person". :)

Dawnya said...

You look awesome!!! Oh the Olympics...I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to find out what you and the SIL get. This is awesome!!

Icecream is my weakness. It is not allowed in the house. I kinda feel bad for the kids though. Oh well...it will keep them scrawny.