Wednesday, January 14, 2015

F Things

Routine makes all the difference. There is no questioning how eating right, working out, sleeping regularly and just generally being in a schedule affects me. I love travel and spur of the moment things, but no doubt I need to fall back into that routine to regulate myself. Even on Monday when the scale betrayed me, I knew that I felt good and was doing the right thing regardless.


I feel really good about yesterday! I could have made really bad choices (and excuses) at lunch and dinner, but I chose not to do that. Dinner was so fun! We went to a farm to table, health conscious type place. I love going to places where I feel I can order most anything on the menu and still be healthy and "good." I had a curry dish and it was delicious. I do wish I would have ordered it without the chicken. I end up preferring vegetarian so much of the time anymore. Here we are...

I will talk about this more later, but it takes me off guard sometimes how I look in pictures. I just see myself smaller than I am. I'm not complaining or shaming myself in any way. Just making an observation.
Today, my entire food line up will be like Monday. Coffee & SlimFast for breakfast, fish soup for lunch, boiled egg & cheese for snack and sweet potato/fried egg hash for dinner.
I didn't do anything yesterday but I'm eager to walk at lunch while listening to the next episode of Serial. Plus, tonight I have another yoga class. YAY!
No Gwynnie Bee today, but I am wearing my favorite new sweater!
You can't really tell in this picture, but it is a unicorn!! This shirt makes me incredibly happy.
Fun Photos
I wanted to share some pictures from my holiday cruise. First, the bad. This picture is of one of my favorite times on the ship. I was in a sort of game show and I had a blast. I felt super cute in the outfit I was wearing. This picture makes me realize how large my arms are. Let me be clear here...I still love the outfit, I'm still going to wear it, and I'm not ashamed of myself in any way. I'm just trying to express the difference between the me as I see myself and the me that appears in pictures.
Now for two of my favorites.

The first is of me and my niece and I think I might frame it. It is my single favorite photo of me from the trip. I'm just happy and loving my family and I think that comes across. The one of me and my mom is good too. I love my silly big round glasses!

Bottom line, I will not focus on the dislikes to the point that I miss out on the things I love about myself. However, I can note things and do what is in my power to change them. But one of the things I have learned over the last several years is that you can't put off living until you "are ready with yourself." So live I shall!


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Manda said...

You look great in your pictures, all of them. But I do understand where your coming from on the self-critique part. Interesting that you are more into the vegetarian dishes. Glad you enjoyed yourself at dinner though.