Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekly Weigh In

Weekly Check In

Good news this Monday morning! Even though I was TERRIBLE yesterday, I'm still down 2.8 pounds this week for a total loss this year of 3 pounds. That's more like it.

While I'm focusing well on my fitness, food & fashion goals, I'm lagging a bit on my home-related goals. I have made some conscious decisions to do things that I know will take time away from that. For instance, this weekend, I chose to go to yoga and lunch with Debi on Saturday and to a movie with my newest (not quite) godson Kenny when I knew that would leave me no extra time. I decided that spending that time with loved ones was more important. I'm okay with that.


I'm going for a bit of an unfill today. I have mentioned my ongoing issues with acid reflux and as recently as Saturday, I could barely eat a thing. However, yesterday I had no issues at all and today I had sausage for breakfast. WTF? Whatever, I need to go through with it and have at least 30 days free of acid reflux before I start the process over. I will keep you posted.

Breakfast: 2 Eggs & 2 sausage patties with coffee
Lunch: leftover dip with tortilla chips and fruit
Snack: boiled eggs & mixed nuts
Dinner: pork chops with rice & cauliflower cheese sticks (one piece of chocolate bark)

This weekend I made chili, cauliflower cheese sticks, & some chocolate peanut butter bark. The chili went really well with the cheese sticks for dinner last night. I put the leftover chili in the freezer to keep for later. BFF made pork chops and that's what I'm going to eat this week along with some other odds and ends in the refrigerator/pantry that needs to be used. I will admit to going a little overboard on the bark yesterday. That was yummo! But I'm committed to limiting myself this week and taking the rest to work to share.

Since I'm going to be looser and therefore hungrier, I'm determined to be prepared with healthy meals and snacks focusing on fresh and paleo-centric.


I was super proud of my fitness last week. I went to yoga four times and worked out at lunch three times for a total of 315 minutes or an average of 45 minutes per day. Exceptional! I know I won't always be able to get in that many minutes, but I like that when I had option, I chose to do it.

A side benefit of choosing to work out at lunch is that I know whatever I eat will inevitably be more healthy than what I would eat if I went out to lunch.

This week I plan to yoga three times, work out at lunch twice, & Jazzercise once.


I'm working at home this morning. I'm studying for my next certification test (tomorrow) before my unfill appointment. So I'm dressed super casual. Tomorrow will probably be similar because I would like to walk to my testing center and it is about a 15-20 minute walk. So I will need to dress warm and sensibly. Hopefully I will be back to my dressier self (and some Gwynnie Bee!) on Wednesday.

I need to get back to studying. Wish me luck! Hopefully I will have good news when I check in tomorrow. :-)


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