Monday, January 12, 2015

Food, Fitness, Fashion and F*kity F*k F*k


I did really well with my food over the weekend. Unfortunately, I had horrific band issues on Friday night and Saturday, so I didn't eat much at all. However, I did have a couple of drinks. I logged everything VERY conservatively and I was still way ahead for the week. Go me!

Because of my band trouble, I put off my gourmet meal that I was planning and made New England Fish Chowder instead.
It looks a little yellow in the picture, but it is actually a creamy white. It is full of big hunks of potato and cod. I put some dried hot peppers in the stock which brings some heat. Totally delish!

Breakfast: Slimfast & coffee (still working that tight band)
Lunch: Fish soup
Snack: Boiled egg, turkey & cheese combo
Dinner: Potatoes sauteed in coconut oil with diced ham and eggs


I worked out 5x last week for a total of 225 minutes which averages 32 minutes per day for the week. Good job, me!

This week, I'm planning to go to yoga Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday and work out at lunch Monday and Wednesday. I'm working out on Saturday as well, either yoga or Jazzercise depending on whether Debi wants to yoga or not.


Gwynnie Bee is back! We went to see Lenny Kravitz Saturday night which was super fun. I wore one of my GB tunics.
Today, I'm wearing a GB dress and I have to say that I feel pretty cute.
You can't see the green Stella necklace very well, but it looks great with the red. Not too Christmas-y.

F*kity F*k F*k

So, I lost 2 tenths of a pound this week. 2 tenths. I was a model dieter and I lost basically nothing. So, give me just a sec...

I had a guy not too long ago tell me that he doesn't understand why people don't just stop drinking soda and eating fast food because they would lose 50 pounds like he did. Sigh. If you have a friend, mom, wife, girlfriend, whatever that has trouble losing weight and you happen to be reading this... It isn't just "that" easy. I eat better than most people I know and I work out as much or more than most people I know. Yet, fat just likes to stick to me. I absolutely do not give a flying frick what people say, it is just harder for some people. No, I do not have a medical issue, it is just like this. It. Just. Is.



Okay, I'm done with that. All that being said, it is what it is. Maybe it is water weight or some such, but above all, I'm doing what I should be doing. The scale is just one monitor. Another is sleep which seems to be better. I feel good. So, whatever, onward.

As negative as this post sounds, I'm actually quite positive. I'm back in my post-holiday routine and it feels good. I worked on my non-weight related goals this week/weekend. I took down the Christmas decor and ordered a new organizer for my tree. This week I would like to go through one of the cabinets I have in my living room and donate, trash or otherwise address everything in it.

I have read at least a little bit almost every night and I did some work on my scarf. I may have to get another thing of yarn to finish it because it is going to be a little too short without more. Church was lovely this week. And even though I want to dress down today, I dressed up in my GB and I feel great. Let's see what this week brings!!



FitBy40 said...

I don't eat fast food or drink soda. Still fat. I also exercise about 6 days a week. Just slap that man, would ya'!

YOu look great. Love the outfits! said...

I'm going to try your cod chowder recipe. :-). I so love fish. Please be careful with that tight band. Should you maybe see your doctor? I love that green tunic. I'm too hippy for tunics. Great workout schedule. Keep up the good work.

Vanessa said...

I second slapping that man! You look great and its all about how you feel. Thats how I'm measuring my health - do I feel radiant and happy...? yes..then keep doing what I'm doing..No? then change something.. Keep up the good work and don't let the scale rule you.