Thursday, January 8, 2015

Food, Fitness, Fashion and Fire vs. Freezing


Yet another stellar day, just like the first two. YAY! I have been having some tightness issues though so I'm going a little mushier today.

Breakfast:  Slim Fast shake
Lunch: Tom Thumb Rosemary Bean Soup (This is pre-packaged, but it is fresher than say, a canned soup. Plus, it is delicious and decent calorie wise.)
Snack: Turkey and Laughing Cow
Dinner: I think I will stick with soup and have some corn chowder.


I went to HOT yoga last night, the Fire class. My first two yoga classes were 90 degrees. This one was 98.6 degrees. I don't think I can put into words the difference those 8.6 degrees makes. Holy geeze. I basically spent 60 minutes trying my darndest not to pass out. I'm not sure how much yoga I actually got out of it, but I did sweat 2.6 pounds worth. Unbelievable! I think I will stick to the 90 degree classes until I get more used to the heat.

Yesterday I went to walk at lunch while I listened to a Serial podcast, but it didn't download right. I was so bummed. I'm going again today but I'm making sure my podcast is available!! After work, I'm going to Spark yoga. Debi can't go today, so I don't have an accountability partner. I'm telling you that I will go.


Still no Gwynnie Bee. Hopefully my new shipment will be here tomorrow. Today I picked another sweater from the archives.
I like it with the camel boots. It is a little snug, but it is still cute. Love that owl.

I have a GB lace dress at home that is really too dressy for anything. I'm toying with the idea of pairing it with a jean jacket and tall boots to dress it down. Kind of a fancy/casual mash up. We'll see.

Fire vs. Freezing

After about dying of heat stroke last night, I'm freezing today. I can't complain because Dallas isn't nearly as cold as most of the country, but here I am in my office today, typing with gloves and wearing a winter coat. I remember when I never used to get cold. Craziness.



Jen said...

I've been meaning to comment on your blog the last few days! Happy New Year!!
Awesome job on your goals/resolutions! Stick with the hot yoga!! it'll get so much easier! I remember the first time they turned up the heat and I was like "what the hell? am I in hell?? and now, I can't wait to get in the heat! just hydrate, hydrate hydrate before hand!
I'm listening to Seriel too right now.. loving it but it's maddening at the same time. I think I'm on episode 8! I'm loving Gwynnie Bee too! Just purchased 3 outfits from there that I loved!!
Keep up the posting.. eventually it'll motivate me to post as well!!


FritoBandito said...

Count me in as a Serial fan!!! said...

I took one Bikram yoga class and the whole time I kept looking around the room to see if any of the young punks would know CPR if I went into cardiac arrest. I was pretty sure that I couldn't do my own CPR. True story. That's how doctors think. Ha ha. Never went back. I did return to the gym last week with Pilates and spin classes. Feels great.

Vanessa said...

Love the owl sweater! Hot yoga...I can't even. Good for you!

FitBy40 said...

It's -4 here in Wisconsin today! Wanna'visit? ha ha.