Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ten Things Thursday

1. Hi Peeps! Remind me when later how awesome I feel when I'm in my routine. I'm not talking about the scale, I mean my general well being. Sleep, mood, aches & pains...all of that seems to regulate once I'm in a good routine. Plus, I think the yoga is helping.

2. I had a great food day yesterday. I did have a thought last night. Over the last few months, I have been getting quite hungry at night so I worked to get hearty but healthy dinners prepared so I would make good choices. What I'm finding is that especially on yoga nights, I have trouble eating much at all.

I don't know if it is the yoga itself or what, but last night I realized that it was silly to worry about it. I should exploit it! I ate tiny breakfast and dinner and had my one heartier meal (my fish soup) at lunch. It's perfect!

3. Yesterday was also a great fitness day. I walked at lunch and listened to a Serial podcast. I only have three more! I downloaded some others to try. When I walk, I don't walk very fast, but I do walk at an incline. I start at a 2 and increase the incline a half step every minute so I end up at 15 by the end. I usually have to start hanging on around 10, but my goal is to walk the whole thing with no assistance. Those hills get tough!

4. I also went to yoga. My fifth class since starting. I just can't believe how much I'm enjoying it. I run so hot and I thought I would just die, but I think it is actually helping me not be so hot the rest of the time. We will see how that goes as it gets warmer. Maybe I will be able to stand the summer better!

5. From summer 2011 until about six months ago, I worked out like a beast. I loved CrossFit and my workouts were burpees, pull ups, running, push name it and I did it. Or I tried anyway. I wanted to continue but after I moved, going to my old box just isn't feasible and I can't get the courage (or whatever) to go to a new one. I kept beating myself up about it. I'm walking instead of jogging, I'm going to yoga instead of CrossFit. I'm "being lazy". Sigh.

But finally I decided that the best workout is the one you actually do. Reading Sarah and Manda helped me realize that I got to those monster workouts by starting with something and working my way up. Beating myself up about not going to CrossFit is not going to help. Getting to listen to my podcasts gets me to the gym at lunch to walk. Getting to see Debi gets me to the studio after work for yoga. I'm doing good for myself. That is what is important.

6. I love my outfit today. It is Gwynnie Bee. I definitely have a particular style, the "dress with a jacket and boots" thing is my go to during the winter. But I think it works well and suits me. I got a compliment on the elevator this morning. What a great way to start my day!!

7. Plus, I'm wearing my current favorite necklace. It is Stella & Dot which I love!

8. I'm going to Fuzzy's Taco Shop today for lunch. That is a bit scary because I LOVE their chips & queso. When I say I LOVE it, I mean I LOOOOOOVE it. But I'm going to attempt to just have a beef taco and tortilla soup. I have to keep my eye on the prize!

9. It is supposed to be in the 60s this weekend. I'm so very excited.

10. A friend of mine posted this the other day. This is exactly why I blog and need to keep it up.


Vanessa said...

Booyah! I love where your head's at! Keep doing what you do - if the end goal is to be happy, you are already there.

Rhonda said...

Ah, man. Fuzzy's queso is hard to resist - how'd you do?! said...

Your fitness plan sounds great. Building up to cross fit again is a great idea and maybe you'll meet someone that goes to a new cross fit gym and find your way back to it. Either way you're a success! "Just keep swimming."

FitBy40 said...

Ooh, I love that necklace! Lookin' good my friend, lookin' very good!