Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Well that happened...

I forgot what I was like when I'm hungry. Like legit hungry...not "it's time to eat" hungry or "I'm bored, what is there to eat?" hungry. Like eating liquids all day with a loose lap band type of hungry. It's okay. It was a choice. I need to get whatever is going on straightened out and yesterday was just a transition period. I was fine at lunch, but by dinner I was just hungry and quite honestly, bitchy and whiny as well.

Last night with yoga I was fighting an uphill battle:
  1. Debi had a commitment and wasn't going which isn't an excuse, but accountability partners exist for a reason. Ha!
  2. I couldn't get anyone else to go with me.
  3. My only option was the new Pilates class and it intimidates me even under the best of circumstances.
  4. I tried to barter (with myself) about going on the treadmill when I got home and I answered myself with a resounding "hell no". 
When I can't even get myself to commit to a little treadmill action, I know it is time to throw in the towel for the day. It isn't the end of the world. But I'm not done...

So I go home and eat my dinner. I'm still hungry. You know why I'm still hungry? Liquids do not make you full. No matter how delicious (and/or high calorie) they are, they just don't stick. So I was looking for comfort. You know what is practically liquid? Chocolate. It melts in your mouth. So all my resolve melted like said chocolate. Sigh. I will say, it was damn good. (No I did not eat all of that, but it felt like it.)

This morning as I struggled to get out of bed, I reminded myself that if I would have gone to yoga (and not eaten a bunch of chocolate) I would have slept better and getting up would be easier. After my borderline verbally abusive response to myself, I got up and at it.

One bad day does not define me.  


Breakfast - Coffee & two boiled eggs
Lunch - pork chops and rice (thank goodness for solid food!)
Snack - cauliflower "bread"sticks
Dinner - sweet potato hash with veggies and eggs


At lunch, I will walk and listen to my last Serial podcast. I'm sad that it is over but I have downloaded a few different things to try and take its place. Also, I'm going to yoga tonight. It is Wood class which is my favorite. No excuses.


I really need to get a mirror in my office. These are really too dark to see, but anyway...

The dress is Gwynnie Bee. You can better see what the dress pattern looks like here:
I like the black leather jacket with it! I chose denim because for me, it is more comfortable to wear all day. I also added a black ribbon around my waist since that is my smallest part and the dress is quite loose fitting.
Again, you can't really see much, but you can see the waist definition which was the purpose.

I will leave you with these two thoughts for my day:



FritoBandito said...

What will you be listening to now that Serial is over? I'm always looking for new ideas.

Rhonda said...

How much is each class? Text me next time and I can go with you, if you need someone!

Laura Belle said...

Um. That looks delish. And you look ROCKIN!!!! Today's a new day! Keep going girl!

Amy W. said...

What.In.the.hell is that? Seriously? Did you make that? Im going to need to know what it is. The other day I found myself eating chocolate almond bark that I had melted...out of a bowl...with my fingers. AND I AM NOT SORRY! And are either going to need a professional dressing room or some better lighting cuz i cant see a damn thing!

MandaPanda said...

We all fall. You got back up. That's all that matters.