Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Keeping On

I have been thinking about yesterday's post a lot. If you missed it, I was musing on whether you can be fat and healthy. I think I was obsessing a bit and I boiled it down to two things:

1. I think I conflated two things, being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle.
2. I feel defensive because people can judge me on my "healthiness" by just looking at me.

Is it possible to be healthy and be obese (or significantly overweight)? I say no. I say that because I don't think you can be considered healthy (with no asterisks) and be outside a healthy weight. Or have high blood pressure. Or high cholesterol. Any time you have something outside what a doctor is considered healthy, then you aren't unqualifyingly healthy.

However, I think you can be all of the things I listed above and still live a healthy lifestyle. I'm not talking about perfection. But living a healthy lifestyle, meaning you do the things you can do with the body you eat right, you exercise, you don't smoke, you drink moderately, blah, blah, blah...does not mean you are healthy all on its own.

Which brings me to my second item. I know thin people that treat their bodies terribly and are on all sorts of medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol, to sleep, to stay awake, etc. But any bystander can look at an obese person and know they are obese. Those other people don't have to wear their badge outwardly. Most of the time I'm okay with that. But if I am honest with myself every once in a while, like yesterday, it gets to be a little too much for me and I have to prove to everybody how healthy I live on a regular basis. What I really need to do is just do it and not worry about the rest. Baby steps.(Also, I get frustrated at the people who compare unhealthy to gluttonous or lazy, but that is for another day.)

So proud of myself! I had my regular breakfast. We went to a steakhouse for lunch. We ordered chips and queso for an appetizer and I counted out my little serving of chips and my 3 tablespoons of cheese. Then I had 1/2 of a salmon and spinach salad. I'm hoping to get by this afternoon without a snack. If I do, then I will have a bit of the leftover salad that I brought back with me.

For dinner tonight, we are headed to PF Chang's. My plan is to get the Shrimp Lo Mein.

Nothing today, but we did walk around a lot today, not to mention that I'm packing up my office to switch floors tomorrow. Tonight we are going to Fort Worth for dinner and to see Shaping Sound so I should get some walking done there as well.

Oh! And I got a new fancy Fitbit Surge. It is kind of big, so I hope I don't get tired of wearing it. But I wanted this one because it has the internal running app. Maybe it will encourage me to run more.

I'm wearing a Gwynnie Bee today. I have actually had this one for a while. It was snug when I first got it, but I have lost enough that it felt good to wear. When I got to work I caught a glimpse in a mirror at the wrong angle and thought it was too tight. But my friend came into my office and said that she popped in to tell me how awesome I looked in the dress. That it flattered me perfectly. Talk about making my day!
I got the mirror for my office, but I'm still working on the pictures. I will get there. Anyway, the dress is giraffe print. My new Stella bracelets:
My mottos...Live Now and Choose Happy.

I want to leave you with two thoughts:
My friend sent this to me via Facebook telling me it made her think of me. It made me immediately smile. Always choose to be yourself people, unless you can choose to be a unicorn.
These are the things I try to live by, so when I saw it, I had to save it.



~Miss Lorie~ said...

Love you clothes and the attitude!~ of course the unicorn!

Bonnie said...

You look great! Will be interested in hearing what you think about the FitBit. I've been thinking about getting one. said...

Yes, Beth Ann do a review of the Fitbit Surge. I'm thinking about getting one or waiting for the Fitbit. Charge. I have a Flex Fitbit but walking isn't my go to exercise so I don't wear it. The surge records heart rate which would be helpful with spin class, etc. Please do tell all. Tracey