Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Passed my test

First and foremost, I passed the second part of my certification exam! Only seven more to go. Wow, that is a lot. But still, I have passed two now and that is exciting! Studying as an adult is just as bad, if not worse than studying as a young student. However, I'm fortunate that no one minds if I do some studying at work in my free time. Win-win.

The second big thing that already happened today is that I chose to walk to my test. The weather is nice and the testing center is only about a mile from home. So I have a few thousand more steps in than usual.

Breakfast - Latte (by the time I took the test and got to work, it was practically lunch time)
Lunch - Bean soup. I'm not going to lie, it is not good. I can't even finish it. I have some leftover tortilla chips and dip. Hopefully that will be enough.
Snack - hard boiled egg
Dinner - pork chop with rice

I made it to yoga last night and I'm really starting to enjoy that class. Tonight I'm trying a Pilates class. I know it will be challenging, but hopefully it isn't death like the Fire class I took a couple of weeks ago. I'm determined to give it a try because it is the only option besides Fire on Tuesdays. I can't rule out both of them!

One step at a time.



Tracey@bariatricfoodforlife.com said...

I hope the Pilates class wasn't in the super heated room. That would be dumb. I like mat Pilates and I'm thinking about Pilates on the reformer. I think it is a nice addition to spin class. You did cross fit so Pilates should be easy for you. I hope. :-)

Rhonda said...

Walking to the test was a great way to get some bonus exercise in - SCORE! Let us know how Pilates is! :)

MandaPanda said...

Congrats on your test and the decision to walk there! Good for you!