Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Getting a Rhythm


I did great with food yesterday! I followed my plan perfectly. The only times I got hungry were when it was time to eat my next meal/snack. I am having some tightness issues so I have taken to eaten while I'm standing up and/or walking. Is that weird? Eh, whatever works.

Today I have the EXACT same meal line up as yesterday. I do think that I need to drink more water.

Yoga was great yesterday. It was a similar room as the last class I did, meaning that it was 90 degrees and 40% humidity. The moves focused on smaller muscles and is designed to develop strength and flexibility. 90 degrees is the "cool" class. I can't imagine how 97 degrees is going to feel tomorrow. Oh well, one step at a time.

I ran/walked at lunch today. It was sunny so I went outside around the lake and listened to week 5 of Serial. I'm loving that! Anyway, I'm still trying to ditch the last of the crud stuff so it wasn't great, but it was something. After, I feel better for sure, but I can feel the soreness from the yoga coming through!

I had to take my picture super quick today because someone was coming out of the restroom and I didn't want to have to explain what I was doing. Ha! The dress is Gwynnie Bee. I got the jacket at a big Nordstrom sale. The shoes were from a big DSW sale once. I think I paid $5 for them. They are super cute though when I can find the right things to wear them with. I thought the belt helped the dress a lot even if it is a bit cockeyed in the picture. A nice casual but professional look for everyday.

The priest read this quote at NYE vigil mass last week and I saw it again on FB yesterday. I really love it. It goes to my spiritual goals.



Manda said...

You need to get an up close shot of the shoes... from what I can see, they look super cute. Love the outfit.

Chris said...

Cute outfit! Do you like Gwynnie Bee? I've been wondering if it's time to branch out beyond jeans and sweaters at work (very casual here).

And YAY YOU on sticking to your food plan!