Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thursday Update!

I have LOTS to talk about today, so let's get started, shall we??  Happy Thursday to you, angels!


I believe that because of my Memorial Weekend hiatus, I neglected to blog about my Olympic ticket request results.  Not the best, I'm afraid.  I hadn't received a response, but I logged onto my account on the website and it indicated that my results were in.  Out of the 5 events I requested (3 swimming, 1 diving & 1 random beach volleyball game), I only got the one random beach volleyball game.  At first I was devastated, but then I got over it.

Turns out that they were only able to fill about 4.5% of the swimming requests.  Apparently they were only about to fill .5% (that is point five, not five) of the requests for the opening ceremonies.  I didn't request them, but I thought that was interesting.  Anyway...I'm not sure if that is indicative of how many people are REALLY going to go or if people were just requesting them for sale or maybe would only go if they got tickets.  I don't know.

Regardless, I'm going.  I spoke with my SIL and she agrees that we are moving forward.  There are still a couple of ways we might be able to get tickets before we go and we will exhaust those options.  But as I told my SIL, if my worst case scenario is watching Olympic events with actual Olympians on a Jumbotron in the middle of the actual Olympic Village...and then when we get tired of that, we can visit Westminster Abbey?  That just DOES NOT suck. 

Onward!  That said, if any of you all have any Olympic connections, email me!  :)


For those that are curious, this video is a good, quick overview of what CrossFit is.

Obviously there are things that I could not currently do, but like it says, it is scalable and I can work up to it.  I emailed the gym yesterday morning to tell them about myself and ask them their thoughts on me joining the program and I'm disappointed to say that they have not returned my email.  I had a bad experience with my last personal training (basically I thought he was a douchebag), but I want to give it another shot.  It would be nice to get some enthusiasm.  Oh well, maybe they are on vacation.  I'm just one of those folks who needs to walk through things first.

I have received so much amazing feedback on the program from anyone I ask.  My SIL's sister, B-Doo is a fitness beast and she highly recommends it.  I think that might have been what clinched it for me.  If my body could somehow looks like B-Doo's, that would just be unbelievable.  But I have to go for it, right??!?

** As I was finishing up this post, I got an email from the gym.  They said absolutely everything I wanted to hear.  She said that her twin sister had gastric bypass which comforts me so much!!  She also said that they will work with me on the Fundamental class schedules.  Looks like I will be going on 6/11.  ::Deep breath::  I have tears in my eyes right now which I know is silly.  But I so much want to be that badass fitness beast girl.  I'm terrified, excited, and impatient.  :)  I'm doing this!


My birthday is next Tuesday, and we are going out Saturday night to celebrat.  Some girlfriends including the Debster and I will be headed to the amazing Fuzzy's Taco Shop for dinner.  After a few of us are going to see Bowling for Soup.  I LOVE that band!!
That is one of my favorite songs!  I can't think of a better way to spend the evening.  On my actual birthday, my friends at work (which for the most part are my besties anyway) are taking me to lunch and I think I'm going to choose Ziziki's which is my favorite Greek restaurant.  After work, my plan is to work out at the gym downstairs and then BFF, maybe Lizard, & I will go out for some super awesome treat like a bigass sundae or something.  :)  (BFF had mentioned going to dinner, but I decided that I wanted to do the workout/treat combo so I didn't get in too much of a hole with calories.  No guilt on the birthday!!)

I can't get over what a fun birthday month this is going to be!!


This morning I was already down two pounds from Tuesday.  I felt sure that some of the weight gain was bloat, but it always feels better to see the scale tell me it is so.  I revised some of my future goals.  I knew I was being ridiculously aggressive. But I didn't want to let go of them too much.  I'm hoping that my 10-day super focus with Debi and my start at Cross Fit will give me a jumpstart.  But if not, that's okay too.  I'm really continuing to learn to live my life in conjunction with my weight loss journey.  No putting life on hold anymore!!



Leslie said...

I agree with you, tickets or not, being in London for the actual Olympics will be AWESOME!

I can't see the video but will be sure to check out when I get home. I'm so glad the gym responded to you. I toy with the idea of getting a personal trainer but I worry that they will be a jerk or not understanding of where I'm coming from with my weight loss and band. It looks like you found a good fit, I'm so excited for you!

Cat's Chic Chat said...

That CrossFit video is bada$$! You are so going to be a fitness beast girl keep rockin it! That's my eventual goal too. I workout every work day. I will work up to trying something like this. I will give that a year though. I completely understand your excitement. Have a great time for your birthday outings! I am excited about my birthday weekend too. I don't have any real plans though.

Debi said...

I am cracking up that you called me "The Debster"! One of my long time friends, Peg, calls me that - and I call her The Pegster!

I can't wait for Fuzzy's! We are gonna have a great time, woo hoo!

Sorry about the Olympics tickets, but I'm sure you'll be able to get some others as the time gets closer. I have faith!

Pamela E. Williams said...

I'm so glad that the gym stuff is going to work out for you. And yes I would be tearing up too with such great news from the gym. CrossFit would probably kick ALLLLLLL of my butt!

Thank you for the encouraging words!!

Lyla said...

Oh yeah, being there for the Olympics will be amazing, even if you only get to attend the one event.

I'm excited for you, fitness beast:) I'm in awe, actually.

Stephanie said...

Sorry about the Olympic ticket situation, but you'll still be in LONDON!!How awesome is that? Bowlng For Soup sngs the theme song to my daughter's favorite cartoon: "Phineas & Ferb" catchy song!!!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

OMG I almost got teary-eyed over your excitement. I'm so damn proud of you - wow! You inspire so many of us to do and be more!

Kerri said...

I love your last line!!!

"No putting life on hold anymore!!"


Sarah said...

Good for you honey! Go out & get life!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced