Thursday, June 16, 2011

7 Days to Vegas


One day down in my 8 Days to Vegas revamped challenge.  I'm annoyed that I still can't find Jillian, but oh well, the show must go on.  I consumed 1525 calories yesterday.  In a normal work day with no organized exercise, I typically burn around 2000 calories.  I'm guessing with the added activity I had in the evening, it was closer to 2100 or more.  So, I was at rougly a 475-600 calorie deficit.  Interesting.

I have been doing so crappy with my eating that coming in at 1525 calories felt like work.  Go figure.  I guess it really was time to pull the reins.  I think I have gotten used to picking up a piece of candy here and there (they are just begging to be taken in a bowl here at the office.)  I have also started drinking (alcohol) more.  Not a lot, by any means, but it is wasted calories.  I also noticed that I have been deferring to the less healthy option instead of the healthy one...i.e. ordering fried instead of grilled, carbs instead of veggies, not scraping off a portion of the butter/gravy/sauce.  I need to get back into some of those basic simple habits.  Pair all of that with less exercise and I can see why the scale is not going down. 

Breakfast:  coffee & egg cups  (I like variety in my breakfasts.  I don't like oatmeal but I wish I did so I could mix it up more.  The egg cups are good, but I have to make them on the weekend and I'm not always willing to take the time to do that.)

Lunch:  Frozen Dinner & sugar-free pudding cup  (This didn't really keep me full for long.  I was hungry about 2 hours after I ate.)

Snacks:  Crunchy Cheese & granola bar  (I LOVE crunchy cheese snacks.  I believe I first saw them on Shelly's Eggface Blog and I ordered some.  They are 70 calories a pack and are a good salty crunchy snack when I need a little something to tide me over.  I am looking for other good snack ideas.)

Dinner:  Potbelly's Farmhouse Salad with Potbelly Dressing  (I LOVED this.  I was so proud of myself because I only used 1/2 of the serving of salad dressing.  So, I started to modify the calories on my tracker this morning, but decided to check the Potbelly website first.  Good thing.  The calories posted for a serving is only 1/2 of what they provided.  If that is the standard that they provide, then that is the calorie count they should give, right?  Annoying!)

I forgot until I was on the way to work that I wasn't going to weigh myself this week.  Lordy, I just forgot everything while I was lounging out by the lake, huh?  I think that little piece of the challenge will wait until July.  It will probably be good not to weigh myself a lot when I start strength training anyway.  Look at that justification.  I am a CHAMPION!!

Anyway, I weighed this morning and I was a pound and a half down from yesterday.  Losing that bloat at the beginning is nice.  I know I won't see the same results the rest of the week, but I like the start. 

Today's challenge:  we are going to lunch at an Italian place today.  What do you all think?  I have had salads the last three days and none of their options sound good to me anyway, so that is out.  Should I go for lasagna, pasta primavera, or thin-crusted pizza?  There is no nutritional information available for this restaurant which is a big, fat bummer.  Right now I'm leaning toward the lasagna.  Let me know what you think!!!

Billy Elliot

Billy Elliot was adorable!  I always have fun with BFF but it is a bonus when the entertainment is good too.  Speaking of BFF, she had the most super cute dress on last night.  Loved it!  I wore my new animal print heels with a denim dress.  We were some styling chicks out in Big D last night! 

Next show on the agenda:  Next to Normal with BFF & Ro on Sunday.  I LOVE THEATER!  :)

Tonight is Jazzercise.  It will be nice to get back into a routine, even if it is only for a few days. 



Leslie said...

You are doing awesome!!! Love it when you lose that bloat at the beginning. But waaaahhhh I miss my scale!!! :(

Cat said...

Yay! for animal print heels. I'm sure Drazil would be PROUD!! I know I am.
Great job with the calories and getting back to basics with meal choices.

Stephanie M. said...

Thin crust pizza with half the cheese and healthy toppings (I LOVE grilled chicken and pineapple on my pizza) is a pretty good choice. Lasagna is unfortunately terrible - you have the starch but no fiber from the pasta, sugar in the sauce, and WAY too much saturated fat in the tons of meat and full-fat ricotta and mozzarella cheese. Pasta primavera is a decent choice if you can get whole wheat pasta and add a protein source to it, but typical restaurant primavera has fatty sauce and hardly any protein.

Laura Belle said...

I think you should go with the thin crust with just cheese and veggies. I bet it's more healthy than the lasagna. BUT...I love me some lasagna!

Good insight into yourself, btw! I think you'll get to your goals!

Ronnie said...

I third the pizza choice, unless it'd be a slippery slope for you like it is for me. *grumble*

Glad you gals had fun at Billy Elliot, it sounds like it was a blast! :)

Fluffy said...

I hope you have a great time in Vegas...Did you find some sexy clothes to wear???? (hey, you're blog format is super cute.) I'm reading differently today and not in reader. ;)