Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegas Day #3 - You want me to what? & The Best Dinner EVER!

Saturday we were up early for the convention.  We made a brief stop at the shopping booths and then headed to our first class.

Crazy Boys & You
This was a somewhat normal Jazzercise class, although it was a full hour of cardio.  The instructors were two of the guys and they were so entertaining.  They were joined on stage by a couple of guys who instruct in Italy.  I wish I had a picture of those cutie patooties.  They also had a Cher impersonator during the Cher routines.  s/he was FABULOUS!  There were FOUR costume changes.  What a diva!  After this hour, I was feeling F-I-N-E, FINE!

Pure Muscle
This class was an hour of strength training with a tube.  It was led by Judi Sheppard Missett who is the founder of Jazzercise.  I believe she is 64 years old and she is a BAD-ASS!  Wow.  She also brought out 3 guys from the Thunder from Down Under to do the routines with us.  Can I just say that it made the hour MUCH more bearable??  Holy cow, there was hotness!  I was feeling the soreness after this class, but still going strong.

Vegas Club Mix
This class was AWSOME and my favorite of the weekend!  It was led by a guy name Time Roberts and he basically taught us a dance routine.  He would start with 2 counts of 8 and do it a few times.  Then he would teach us the next 2 counts of 8 and once we had it, we put it all together.  We did that about 5 or 6 times and boy, by the end, we were going nuts trying to remember what was next.  It was a blast and cardio all at the same time!

We took a break for lunch and went to Nero's at Caeser's.  I had Tomato Basil Soup and a Cobb Salad.  Delish!  No rest for us...it is off to the next class.

Showgirl Strength & Stretch
Holy crap.  This class ended up only being about 35 minutes long because she was an actual Vegas showgirl with a big headress and costume and danced a routine at the beginning.  But 35 minutes was time enough.  There were points were she would tell us to do something and all you heard was laughter.  She would ask why we were laughing as we all tried to replicate her move.  It was insane, but still a fun time.

Jazzercise Burlesque Style
I wasn't sure what I expected from this class.  It turned out to be a somewhat regular Jazzercise set up, but done with a Burlesque flair.  Shanna Missett Nelson (daughter of the founder and now seems to be taking charge) led the class.  She is AMAZING!  She teaches a regular class in California and BFF & I are planning to check it out.  I forgot to mention when I talked about the taping, how crowded it was.  I'm surprised there were no fist fights breaking out over space.  People are so oblivious sometimes!  Anyway, this class was also crowded, but it had such great energy.

Before we knew it, it was all over.  Roughly 7 hours of working out over a two day period.  I NEVER, NEVER, NEVER would have been able to do that two years ago.  NEVER.

After everything, we went back for showers and freshening up.  I realized that I needed to cash in my chips from my bet for Ben (see Day #1).  I stopped at the Cashier and handed her my chips.  She asked me if I wanted small bills or big bills and I said big.  She counted them out, one, two.  I said that two is great considering I came with one.  She said, yeah it is good to be friends with Ben.  My heart stopped, and I thought, "what in the hell did he do?  How does this woman know I made the bet for Ben????"  Then it ocurred to me that she was talking about Ben Franklin.  HAHAHA!!  One of my favorite moments of the weekend.

Then we headed to Scarpetta at the Cosmopolitan.  I think I mentioned to you all that we were making reservations there.  It is Scott Conant's (Chopped, Food Network) restaurant and I could not wait to try it!  We were seated quickly and I immediately fell in love with the waiter.  One of the girls with us insisted he was into me too, but I think he was just a good waiter.  Sure made me feel good though.  With all the cute girls at our table, it was nice to be able to get the winks.  That just doesn't happen very often (the other girls probably got them too, but I just put that right out of my mind.  Ha!) 

Three of the girls shared a bottle of wine ($130! I just googled it and it appears to run $60 retail if you can find it.  Nice mark up, huh?!) that they said was AWESOME!  I decided on a drink since red wine gives me a headache (which is super sad because I LOVE it).  I forget the name of the first drink I tried, but it had bourbon, peach bitters, fig jam and honey.  It was very good, but I wanted to try something else.  I got a Gallardo which was Hendrick's gin and basil-infused syrup poured over a large basil leaf.  Sounds gross?  I assure you that it is not.  OMG...best drink I have EVER had.  Seriously.

I had the white aspargus cream soup to start.  They brought out aspargus and croutons in a little bowl (with some garlic and other things) and then poured the warm cream coup over it.  OMG#2...my mouth is watering thinking about it.  The other girls enjoyed their first courses as well.

I had a hard time deciding on a main course because nothing was really jumping out at me.  Three of the girls were getting the seabass, so I couldn't do that.  One girl was getting the pork loin.  My new boyfriend Luis (can you believe I didn't get a picture??) suggested the cod.  He said that while seabass is flaky, the cod is a more oily fish.  That didn't sound great to me, but I trusted in the Luis.  OMG#3...it was SOOOOOO good.  Like ridiculously good.  I took a bite of BFF's seabass and while she said it was the best seabass she has ever had, I didn't love it.  Apparently, I like oily fish.  Who knew?  My cod was served with mushrooms and some kind of puree. 

One of the girls literally ate plain hamburgers (meat and bun only) or chicken sandwiches (meat and bun only) everywhere we went.  But here she ventured out and she said that she loved it!  For dessert, BFF & I shared the Napoleon.  It was kind of a deconstructed creme brulee.  The perfect ending to the perfect meal. 

Did I just spend 5 paragraphs on one meal?  Yes, I did.  And can I tell you that I could do more.  It was THAT good. 
After dinner, the other girls headed back to Caesar's, but BFF & I stayed to gamble at the Cosmopolitan to gamble.  We each sat down a penny slot (because that's how we roll) next to each other and put in $20.  20 lines, one credit each...spin.  One spin and ALL of our money is gone.  WHAT?  Yeah, it was a $1 machine, not one cent.  WHOOPS!  Nothing like losing $20 in 2 seconds to sober you up slightly.  Another of my favorite moments...we went to the bathroom before we left the casino and BFF freshened up her lipstick.  I looked at her, cracked up and asked her if she forgot she wasn't putting on Chapstick (which she had been using all day).  Girl looked like Tammy Faye Baker.  It was SPECTACULAR!  After she fixed it, we left. 

We walked down the strip and stopped at Paris.  We played a few slots and were starting to get tired.  We decided to play the American Idol slot before we left.  It is kind of a cool game because when one person goes to the bonus round, everyone goes.  On one bonus round, BFF won $60 and I won $100.  Time to cash out and go back to Caesar's.  After some celebratory ice cream, of course...

To be continued...


Laura Belle said...

Holy moly I'm getting so jealous of you right now. i want Vegas and I want it now.

Ok tantrum over.

Glad you had such a great time!! You deserve it!

Cat said...

Oh my goodness Beth Ann! I'm so jealous of the food, the drinks, even the exercise! It sounds like such a blast.

Andrea Brooks said...

Haha, that is priceless!!! I would have been thinking the same thing about Ben too! LOL!