Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2 Days to Vegas!!

Vegas Rundown

In two days, I will be leaving for vacation #1!  Here is the plan:
  • Thursday - Fly out around 10am and arrive in Vegas at 11am local time.  We have the rest of the day free and I'm sure we will explore the strip and do a little gambling.  We have tickets to KA in the evening, so that will be fun.
  • Friday - We have most of the day open, so other than registering for the conference and shopping the wares of people pimping their products, we can continue to explore Vegas.  The Jazzercise taping (we are going to be Jazzercising with the instructors doing the instructional video that is sent out to the instructors nationwide (worldwide?) to learn the new routines) starts at 4:30pm.  I believe that will run for about 3 hours which is a lot of consecutive Jazzercising!  But I'm sure it will be fun.
  • Saturday - This is Jazzercise Day.  We have several classes to attend:  9:30 am-Crazy Boys & You (I have NO IDEA..), 10:30am-Pure Muscle (I can already feel my abs crying), 11:30-Vegas Club Mix (I bet this will be super fun!)  At 12:30pm, we break for a 2 hour lunch.  2:30pm-Showgirl Strength & Stretch (I like the strength & stretching, but you feel it later), 3:30pm-Jazzercise Burlesque Style (I CAN'T WAIT.  I anticipate a lot of booty shaking and fun dancing going on.)  The conference ends at 4:30pm.  We have the evening to do what we want...if we can walk.
  • Sunday - our flight is at 11:30am so I'm guessing we will just get up, eat breakfast, and hobble to the airport.
Now...I am NOT in charge of this trip.  As you will see when you see our itinerary for Long Beach which I will post next week, I plan VERY differently.  I am a planner.  I enjoy planning vacation almost as much as I enjoy taking them.  I'm not even joking.  Also, I can't stand it whenever everyone looks at each other and says, what do you want to do...I don't know, what do you want to do?  Ugh.  I like to have a plan, if something better comes up, then change it.  But a plan avoids the wasted time.  If nothing else better comes up, then we will follow the plan.  (Hell, the better thing that comes up can be a nap, I don't care.  I just don't like not being prepared.

I have a feeling that there will be a TON of wasted time going on this weekend.  There are six girls and no real plan.  Ay-yi-yi.  Once we get to the airport, I am going to do my best to turn off my personality.  We will see how that works.  :)  Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised!  Regardless, BFF will be there and we will have fun no matter what.


I did okay with my challenge yesterday.  I still think I will be under the 90# lost mark (again) by the time I leave for Vegas. 

Four NSVs:
  1. My jeans are looser.  I wore the same jeans yesterday that I wore last week and I swear they are looser. 
  2. My arms are tightening.  I still have bat wings, but they are getting better.  For a while in Jazzercise, I would think someone was coming up behind me, but it was just my arms flapping!  They still flap, but I don't feel like I'm going to get air. 
  3. I forgot to mention that when I went for my bikini wax, I had the same girl I had last time.  She was the one who had a tummy tuck and told me that if she had my belly, she wouldn't have had one.  Well this time she told me she was jealous of my tight thighs.  Now I am aware that no matter how thin I might ever get, I will always hate my thighs so I was incredulous.  But she insisted that she wants tight thighs like mine.  Weird.
  4. I've started wearing sleeveless shirts in public.  ::gasp::  I KNOW, right??  Two of the dresses I'm taking to Vegas are sleeveless.  I think that like my thighs, I will NEVER be happy with my arms.  But at some point, I'm not going to miss out on fashion because of them.  Wish me luck!  (I consider this an NSV even though I don't LOVE my arms, because I would NEVER where sleeveless in public before.  At least not when I was trying to look decent.  :))


Fluffy said...

What? You don't have a backup Vegas plan that you are hiding in your suitcase to whip out on them should the opportunity come up?! All joking aside, I hope you have a great time and I can't wait to hear what some of those classes end up being like. I bet you look great in the dresses! Can't wait to see pics!!!

Leslie said...

I hope you have a great time in Vegas!! I recently started wearing no sleeves and it's hard to get that "MY ARMS ARE TOO FAT" thing out of my head but I am sure you will look super cute!

Ronnie said...

I love the NSV! I've been an avid sleeveless wearer no matter how fat my arms look (I just decided to not care anymore about 3 years ago), so I think this is absolutely fabulous. You'll be SO much cooler in these Texas summers now. :D

FitBy40 said...

Sounds like it's going to be lots of fun! can't wait to hear abll about it.
Yay for no sleeves! I'm trying to get there too, it's hard.

Laura Belle said...

you crack me up with the arm flap thing! Laughing out loud. Hilarious!

I like plans too, I just hate when you're sitting somewhere, 'waiting' for something to happen. BORING. Lets do something people!!

Andrea Brooks said...

Wearing sleeveless clothes is a huge NSV! I can't wait to get there! Have fun in Vegas.

Cat said...

I seriously laughed out loud about thinking someone was coming up behind you in Jazzercise! Haha!!

I understand arms completely and strive to be more like you with the sleeveless.

So very very jealous about Vegas. Have a blast and take tons of pics!

Lyla said...

Your trip sounds amazing. I'm guessing if any of you are shoppers, a trip to the Forum will be in the works. Otherwise, enjoy the people watching!

I want to see Ka so bad. The only Cirque Du Soliel show I've seen is Zumanity (I recommend it), but I'd like to see Ka and O.

I think showing the arms is a major NSV. Being comfortable enough to come out of hiding is a great victory, and I guarantee no one will be even close to as critical about your arms as you yourself are.

Dawnya said...

These are awesome NSV's. You are going to rock those dresses and I want tons of pictures.

Have fun in Vegas.