Friday, June 17, 2011

6 Days to Vegas


The challenge is going very well.  In 3 days, I have lost the 4 pound bloat that I found last week.  Now, as I mentioned yesterday, I know that most of that isn't "real" weight loss as I have not had 10,000 calorie deficit in that time.  But it still feels good.  Plus, I think that losing that bloat helps make clothes fit better.  I'm back at the 90 pounds lost mark (which is roughly where I was at the beginning of the month.)  Now I can start chipping my way to the 95 pound mark again.  I got and stayed there through April, but it came back on in May. 

I might need to go back and read my May posts to see what was happening.  I have 6 more days and it would be super nice to lose another 3 pounds or so.  My aggressive goal is to lose 5 pounds and that might be possible.  We shall see.

If you look at my Goal page, I had wanted to be at the 100 pounds lost mark by 6/23 (which was a revised goal from 5/30).  That would take losing almost 10 pounds from now.  I don't think that is realistic at all, so I will probably have to revise my goals again.  That will be a-ok with me as long as I'm on a downward trend again. 


For those of you that asked, the lakehouse my friends and I visited belongs to one of the owners of my company.  He is incredibly generous and was so kind to let us enjoy his house.  I'm so blessed to work with such amazing people.  It's interesting because a few people asked me if it annoyed me that he had such an extravagant place while our company is struggling a bit.  My answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Our owners have given so much to us over the years and have given us perks when there wasn't much to give.  Plus, they are just financial backers now...if we are going to make it as a company, then we have to stand on our own feet.  :)  I'm blessed.

Weekend Preview

Tonight I'm getting my second ever bikini wax.  So that will be super fun.  Actually, it wasn't that bad, so no big deal.  The rest of the night will be chillin...and I might be in bed by 9pm.  (I made it to bed last night at 9:30!!) 

Tomorrow, I will go to Jazzercise in the morning.  Then I have a haircut and pedi with the Debster in preparation for my upcoming vacations.  YAY!!  Then tomorrow night, BFF & I are going to Lizard's house.  She was kind enough to tape the away games for the USA Volleyball team and we are going to go have dinner and watch.  I already know the outcomes but that doesn't negate the fun of seeing my hotties! 

Sunday, after church, we have theater tickets to see Next to Normal.  It is a Tony winner and I have no doubt it will be incredible.  It is a heavy story, so I'm glad it is a Sunday afternoon one and not a Wednesday night one.  Sometimes on a weeknight, I just don't have the energy.  :)

Have a super fun weekend, y'all!



Cat said...

Congrats on getting that bloat off! I'm so thrilled for you. I would bet if you look through your May posts, you'll see how much DAMN fun you've been having lady! This is life and you're living it, 5 lbs be damned!

Love your attitude about the boss's place. Seriously in this tough economic time we have to be grateful for having jobs we love and if you can get these lovely perks...even better!

FitBy40 said...

Gosh you have a really fun life and awesome friends! I want to be your BFF too!

Fluffy said...

I am behind on reading and I am going backwards. Congrats on the loss and getting back to where you were - just a bump in the road, girl! You are rockin' it. Glad you guys had fun at the lake house - it really is awesome looking! I wanted to see both Billy Elliott and Next to Normal. Can't wait to hear what you think! (*might* check out spamalot - you seen it?)

Ronnie said...

That sounds like so much fun! You always post about the funnest things. I'm still jealous from the last post I commented on. LOL (I think I'm reading them all out of order. Eek!)

I know you'll get to where you want, you're too dedicated not to, lady. May not happen by the 23rd (it definitely may though, who can tell with these crazy bodies?!), but you'll get there! Of that, I have no doubt. :)