Friday, June 3, 2011


I usually lose track of time and don't get to BYOC, but here I go!

It’s FRIDAY – which means it’s BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy…around these parts. We answer a couple of questions to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break. Copy and paste to your own blog if you so desire…and ENJOY!!

1. If you could pick any name on Earth for yourself – would you change yours and what would it be?
Honestly, my name is my name, so I wouldn't consider changing it.  I do sometimes wish that my parents would have gone with Elisabeth instead of just Beth, but mostly I'm Beth Ann and I have no problem with that.  I do think if I was named Elisabeth, I would like to go by Eli.  I have always that that was cute.

2. If you’re a worker-outer…what time do you partake in such activities? There are SO many theories about when it’s best and not best to work out….like the morning is better since you have an empty stomach or the night is not good because you won’t be able to sleep…etc, etc. – so I’d like to hear your theories.
I typically work out at lunch or after work.  But on Saturdays, I work out right after I get up.  I think I have a little more energy to put into a work out in the morning, but I don't like getting up early enough during the week to do it.  So, basically for me, I work out when my schedule will allow it.  :)

3. If you drive a car – what kind is it and if you could drive any car – what would it be?
I drive a lime green Ford Fiesta that I call my Skittle.  I LOVE it!!  It has been in the shop getting the hands-free unlocking system fixed and I miss it.  Before this I drove a Ford Escape for several years.  I really thought I wouldn't love something so small, but I do!  Right now, it is the right car for me.

 4. Can you be totally honest in answering this next question and tell me what you think of tattoos? More importantly – what do you think of the people who have tattoos – specifically women?
I have a tiny rose tattoo on my hip that I got on bid day in college.  I also plan to get another tattoo when I reach my goal weight.  So, obviously I don't dislike them.  :)  On guys, I think they are super sexy.

Total honesty:  I have no issues with tattoo's on girls at all.  However, I must admit as part of a package, I might make a snap judgement.  For instance, a girl with super low-cut jeans with a tramp stamp and a thong that shows?  I'm gonna judge.  But it is not because of the is because of the package.  If a girl is put together well and has some art?  I love it!

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.
Real life seems to have calmed down a bit.  Just in time to start going nutso again! 

Blogland is awesome since I finally caught up on all my blog reading.  :)



MLM said...

Just saw your pics on the side of your blog...what a transformation..congrats!

Cat's Chic Chat said...

Great BYOC! Thanks for sharing. I love that you call your car your skittle! : )

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

OMG - a car you call Skittle - LOVE IT! And being called Eli would be awesome!

Sandy Lee said...

I have a friend Beth and it just occurred to me that I don't even know if it is short for Elizabeth. Now I have to ask her (we've known each other for 25 years). I had another friend named Elizabeth but we called her Betty. Strange how some names spawn others. I always wanted to be called Alexandra. It seemed so regal. But alas I only got the short version. But we can pretend.

Like the lime green car. I could just picture you in it.

Barbara said...

Hi Beth Ann.. I am so happy I can post now.. I think I will become annoying over the next few days.. love your blog page and your BYOC!!!

Kerri said...

Damn, guess you don't want me wearing my low-cut jeans with my tramp stamp and whale tale hanging out at BOOBS!!! :)

Tori said...

I figures out how to post comments again! WOOOO! Hope your B day was epic and you recover nicely today. :) GO GEMINI!