Friday, June 17, 2011

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I was busy and barely able to get through the necessities when Grace nominated me, but now Debi has as well, so I need to be a good (and grateful) blogger and do my part!!  Thank you, girls, for thinking of me!!

10 Things about Me (Them's the Rulz.)  Then...pass it on...

1.  I am an open book.  I tell everyone everything about myself.  I keep secrets when told, but if you want to know something about me...I'm going to tell you.

2.  I have a half brother that I have only met once.  He is my dad's son, but because of the times and situation, he was adopted by my dad's ex-wife's husband and told that my dad had died.  They reunited a few year's ago.  He was nice enough, but apparently wasn't interested in getting to know our family.  Oh well...his loss!

3.  I minored in Spanish.  Between high school and college, I had eight years of it and even spent a summer in Costa Rica.  Yet, I can barely ask for the bathroom.  I'm really more of a numbers person.  :)

4.  I grew up in Indiana and went to Indiana State University.  I lived in Bloomington for a year before moving to Texas.

5.  I have worked at the same company for most of my adult life.  I started as a Staff Accountant in May 1998 and here I am a VP in June 2011.  I was the baby of the group when I started.  We expanded to 3000 people strong and now we are back to 30.  I love my company and as long as we have legs, I'm here.

6.  I love the Olympics.  Not like normal people like them.  I'm obsessed.  I have taken off days from work to watch the Olympics.  My happiness of the advent of the DVR stemmed from the new ease of recording all of the Olympic events.  So, as my reward to myself for weight loss, I'm going to London with my SIL next summer.  The ticker to the big day is on the side of my blog.

7.  I have four sets of season tickets.  Three are for theater and one is for Texas Motor Speedway.  Don't usually see that kind of crossover, huh?  I love doing stuff.  :)

8.  I have two godsons.  One lives in NC and I just booked a flight to go see him (and his mama) in September and one lives just down the street.  I consider these children part of my family and I love them bunches. 

9.  I have wonderful friends, but I thank God all the time for my BFF.  What are the odds that two happy, fun-loving, single, 30-something females who like to go everywhere and do everything would find each other?  We have fun doing absolutely anything and I try every day to not take her friendship for granted.

10.  I don't know what I expected from my Lap Band, but I never expected all of the "extras" I got.  First, I got a BBF (best banded friend - tm Debi).  Second, I discovered this whole blog world where I'm making new friends every day.  Finally, I think I finally want to be friends with myself.  Our new intern told me I was cool yesterday and you know what?  I think I agree with him.

I'm passing the torch to:

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Three posts in one  Have a great weekend!



Cat said...

I like the Winter Olympics much better than the summer, though I'm always a big fan whenever they are on!

Leslie said...

I looooooove the Olympics. I remember in 4th grade I wrote a Haiku about Kristi Yamiguchi winning her gold medal. LOL. I'm so jealous of you going in 2012, I so wish I could go too!

FitBy40 said...

You should be friends with yourself because I want to be friends with you! It hink you're so cool and do so many fun things. I want to hang out!

Ronnie said...

I'm jealous, I love the theater. No one to go with ever! Sadface.

Can't wait for our bandster lunch! Can't believe I missed it last time. :(

Andrea Brooks said...

I did the same thing, started with a company in 1999 and have been with them ever since. I was definitely the baby starting at 19, but I have been given lots of opportunities to do different things and move up within the company.