Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Friday!!!!

This is going to be a FUN weekend!  Tonight, BFF, Lizard & I are going to the movies.  I told BFF to choose, so I'm betting we go see Something Borrowed.  For me, Friday movies means popcorn for dinner!  BAD, but YAY! 

Tomorrow morning, I have a 5K.  Yes, I do realize I did one on Monday.  But we have established that I don't always think things through rationally.  My thought was if I did the race in the morning, I wouldn't feel guilty about eating and drinking that night!

After at stop at church, me & the girls are going out!  We are having dinner at Fuzzy's Taco Shop which is one of my favorite places.  They have the best queso evah!  Then after, we are going to see Bowling for Soup.  I know I mentioned that yesterday, but it is worth mentioning again today!  :)
Watch it.  I love these guys!

Anyway, since I'm going to church Saturday, I can sleep in on Sunday and I have a massage scheduled at 1pm.  What a great plan!!!

Changing the subject...I need to drink more water.  I don't know why I don't drink enough.  I used to drink a ton, but now I don't.  I keep telling myself to drink more.  I have access to bottles, I often fill up a big glass and put it on my desk.  I mean there really is no excuse.  I think if I was better hydrated, it would help with my hunger, my fitness...everything!  I just have to figure out how I get it done. 

Have a super-fab weekend!



Leslie said...

I have to have ice in my water to drink it during the day at work. Don't ask me why but if I just put a water bottle on my desk I won't drink it but add some ice cubes and I'm good to go. I just have ice cube trays in the freezer at work and it really helps me to get all my water in.

Have a great weekend!

Pamela E. Williams said...

I stopped in the middle of your post (the part about water) and remembered that I hadn't filled up my 32oz bottle yet. So I got up right then and did it. Thanks for the reminder.

Ok dang and GO GIRL on doing TWO 5K runs!!

Have a great weekend and enjoy Bowling for Soup!!

Laura Belle said...

I have a 24oz refillable water bottle on my body at all times. It's purple (of course). I carry it everywhere, home, work, in the car, dentist. And I sip on it all day.

I read in a book once that the body needs water to 'flush' out all the poisons in our body. If you don't flush it out, then it 'sticks' in your body and harms your chance to lose weight. So I drink around 60 or more ounces a day. And it has helped me feel so much better.

tagyourit said...

I am drinking my water as we speak. Good luck!

FitBy40 said...

um, excuse me while I take a sip. Ahhhh, thanks for the reminder!
Kick butt on that run girl!

Liz said...

Have fun at BFS! I've never seen them but they are good friends with my fave musician, who also wrote/produced a bunch of their stuff.

As wasteful as it is, bottled water is the only thing that reminds me to drink water. I can evaluate instantly how much I have had, and how much more I need to have. My company provides us free .5L bottles, and I make it my goal to have 6 empties on my desk at the end of the day. It's a great visual!

Ronnie said...

Have fun at your 5k! We should do one together! :)

Also, I can only choke down as much as I do thanks to crystal lite. *shamelessly plugs the wild strawberry flavor!*

Kerri said...

I wish we lived closer! :(