Friday, June 10, 2011

Strained Metaphor? I'm loving the Mavs, I can't help it...

There is no question that Lebron James is a great basketball player and he's kinda hot too.  Wade and Bosh have tremendous talent as well...although Bosh looks the love child of Snoop Dog and JJ from Good Times, bless his heart.  But the three of them are AMAZING basketball players.  Anyone who says differently is most likely jealous or not paying attention. 

All that said, I don't care.  I'm a Mavs fan and I believe that a gaggle of old men playing with heart can overcome the most talented group of prime players put together in many years.  This goes back to a recurring theme of my is not enough to WANT it.  You have to MAKE it happen with whatever tools you have at your disposal.

Dirk, Kidd, JJ, Chandler (hot!!), Jet...they are talented, but not one of them (even Dirk) alone could measure up to Lebron.  But that is the fabulous thing about team sports.  It is not about individual talent, but about the cohesiveness of the team.  It is about each player doing their best and filling in the holes of their teammates.  It's about lifting each other up and motivating each other to do better.

If the Heat wins the Championship, they will have deserved it and I give them kudos.  But a Mavs win would be so much more satisfying, yet no less deserved.  You can stack your deck with everything you need to win, but if you don't have the right support around you, it just isn't going to be as satisfying.

I feel the same way about my journey.  Someone out there might be the perfect dieter, perfect fitness beast, perfect band patient.  But if they are doing it alone, I can not imagine that they have the same satisfaction that I have working with my team.  My little world of Bloggers lifts me up when I'm down and fills in the missing pieces.  You all are such a big part of my team!

Go Mavs!!



Dawnya said...

This is true. The "team" wins the game not the individual. This family team of bloggers that offer support and encouragment is what gets me through a many day of wanting to quit. BTW...I gave you the adorable blogger award on my blog. I so love me some Beth Ann.

GO MAVS!!!! We are in it to win it. GO MAVS!!

p.s. tyson chandler is soooooooooo swexy!!!

Cat said...

I'm not a basketball fan, but I'll send some good thoughts to your Mavs!

I agree with your thoughts on dieters for certain though. I know I'm doing so much better having the support and knowledge of all you ladies than I would on my own.

Ronnie said...

Love this metaphor. :)