Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life is good.

Y'all, I just came from heaven.  Seriously, my overnight trip with the girls to the lake was AMAZING!  The pictures will not do it justice, but here are a few.

BFF in the golf cart we used to ride around the grounds and check in on the animals.

Part of the beautiful landscaping.

The "backyard".

The "frontyard".

The main gate to the house.

View from the front.

A small portion of the main living room.

BFF in the kitchen.

Another portion of the main living room.

An elk roaming around the front grounds.

We got there just after lunch time yesterday and after claiming our rooms, we changed to head to the pool.  There were enough rooms for us to not have to share, but we decided to bunk in a set of rooms near each other.  BFF & I took a double room, Lizard and ShareBear took singles and KK & Rie took the bunk room.  The bunk room had three big bunk beds (total of six beds) and was cute as could be. 

The house was huge.  Upstairs was the main Master Suite which was unbelievable.  I would post pictures, but I feel weird posting pictures of someone else's bedroom.  :)  The main living area was gigantic and had about 4 or 5 independent seating spaces.  Each of the spaces was as big as my living room.  The kitchen opened into it so it looked even bigger.  I don't know how high the ceilings were but it was crazy...20 feet maybe?  They were beyond vaulted.  It was like the lobby of a hotel almost.  The kitchen was decked out with everything including a built-in single serving coffee maker.  There was also another bedroom upstairs.

Downstairs, there was a huge gameroom with a large lounging/TV area, pool table, gaming table and shuffleboard.  There was also a full bar with a Margaritaville Blender.  Sweet!  Our bedrooms and some other rooms (like laundry and bath) were down there as well. 

The deck went almost the entire way around the house on both levels.  It included a Man Cave BBQ area, ping pong table and about 5 or 6 gathering spots with tables/chairs. 

There are two waterfalls (one that ends in a pool.)  I don't have a picture of the pool, but I know ShareBear took one, so I will have to get a copy.  The grounds also included a gazebo with 3 lounging areas and a fireplace (it was a BIG gazebo), a sand volleyball court, basketball/tennis court, horseshoe and archery (?) area, plus paths to ride around in the golf cart to see animals.  They have elk (although BFF kept calling them emu...ha!), deer, and longhorns to see. 

After playing in the pool and checking out all of the grounds both on foot and via golf cart, ShareBear & I took advantage of the Margaritaville blender and we all lounged and chit-chatted.  I couldn't get anyone to play with me.  :)  But I did enjoy the company.  Then we had dinner provided by a personal chef.  We had the BEST salad with greens, granny smith apples, mozzerella, pecans, & dijon dressing.  DELICIOUS!  Dinner was pork loin with pineapple chutney and raspberry chipotle sauce, baked potato casserole, carrot casserole, asparagus, and roll.  Dessert was rum cake.

After dinner, we took out the golf carts again.  Lizard was a little disturbed when we got chased by the donkeys, but all ended well anyway.  We ended the evening lounging in the main living area just chatting and enjoying being together.

Good:  I have such a great time.  The place was beautiful and amazing AND my friends are precious to me.

Bad:  I ate and drank like crap.  The 10 Days to Vegas Challenge is going to modified to a Week to Vegas Challenge!  Whoops!  :)  But I wouldn't change anything for the world.

Have a great week!



Cat said...

Sounds absolutely amazing!!! What a great time Beth, I'm so jealous and absolutely thrilled for you!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

I would of held myself hostage there and never left! It looks so relaxing and breath takingly gorgeous!

Debi said...

Looks heavenly! But I'm pretty sure it is now a 9 (or 8 at the least) days til Vegas challenge. No slacking for you ;)

Sarah said...

That looks beyond incredible! WOW! I can totally see how you had such a great time! Good for you. Much deserved!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced

Stacey said...

Wow, that place is awesome! I would love to hang out in a place like that for a while!

Laura Belle said...

First: That place is mine. I can't believe you went there without me.

Second: Could you please tell me where my future residence is so I could visit? My husband would just die to go there! Do they rent it out? Can I sleep with someone to get a nights stay?

You guys look like you had a lot of fun!! What a great idea taking your BFFs on Vacay!

Tori said...

FUN!!! YEAH!!!

Amanda said...

I am flippin coming with you on you next trip!! Looks amazing

Stephanie said...

Was this a place you rented or does one of your friends own the place? It is SWEET!!! it looks like you had a good time and that's what matters!

Ronnie said...

That sounds unbelievable! I'm jealous, of course. So glad you had fun, seems like it was just what you needed. :)