Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vegas Day #2 - Jazz on the Strip

Friday morning, we got up leisurely and had a late breakfast.  After, it was time for what we came for...Jazz on the Strip.  We went to register and to buy some fun Jazzercise gear. 
After that, we headed out to shop a little bit before lunch.  BFF got a work phone call, so while she was handling that, I wondered around the fancy shops.  I went to Fendi and looked at a diamond and white ceramic watch.  It looked good on me, so I asked how much it was.  $1,895.  Hmmm...I will put that on my wish list.  She then showed me one with MORE diamonds and I told her that I like things a little more simple.  So, she showed me a slightly smaller version with no diamonds which I actually like the best.  She said that it was only $895.  After the $1,895, it seems so reasonable until I realized that I'm NOT RICH and I needed to get the hell out of there.  Whew.

However, I did stop and take a look at Tiffany.  For those of you that have read my blog from the beginning (so sorry!), you might remember that I rewarded myself with a Tiffany key necklace for successfully kickstarting my fitness regime.  I went to a personal trainer, started running, & went to Jazzercise for 8 weeks.  It was a big deal at the time and I wanted big incentive.  Recently, they have come out with locks as well.  I found out that the lock that I wanted was $80.  I decided that would be my momento from Vegas.

By then, it was time for lunch and we met the other girls at Olives at the Bellagio.  The food was good, but I don't remember what I had and the waiter was kind of an ass.  I was disappointed because I think it is an EXCELLENT restaurant.  I would definitely try it again.  The tapenade alone was worth a repeat trip!

After lunch, it was time to head to Jazz on the Strip for the taping.  A few time a year, Jazzercise instructors (like BFF & a couple of other girls that were with us) get instructional videos with new routines.  This was a live taping of one of those events.  We were warned that it could last up to 4 hours, so we prepared for a Jazzercise-athon.  After the first hour, I realized that I could work out so much better on carpet (it was in a hotel ballroom.)  My feet barely hurt and I was absolutely ready to keep going.  They only had to restart taping a couple of times, so we ended after 2.5 hours.  I thought it was fantastic and I'm looking forward to doing some of the new routines when they come out next month.

I am wearing one of my new cover-ups in the picture.  It is the one we got as a gift for attending.  I also bought one like the black/silver one on the left.  It says "Jazz on the Strip/Las Vegas" at the bottom, so that's cool.
After Jazzing, we went to the Burger Joint at the Flamingo for dinner.  We put on dry clothes but we were exhausted and feeling kind sore, so we didn't want anything fancy.  Plus, we knew we had to get up the next day and do even more!
It's too bad they took the plates away before they took the picture.  My nachos were HUGE!  In fact, I'm pretty sure that I only ate about an eighth of the serving and I felt like I ate a TON!  The drinks were good too.  :)

After dinner, we briefly played some slots, then retired for the night.

To be continued...


Lisa Mancini said...

Oh wow, sounds like so much fun!!!

Cat said...

Way to get your Jazz on Beth! You guys look fantastic in the after taping pic! I wouldn't even guess you had just worked out for 2.5 hours!