Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Days to Vegas

Weekend Wrap Up

I had a nice, fun, relaxing weekend.  Since I'm not going to be having another of those for a while, I enjoyed the heck out of it!!  Friday after work, I went for my bikini wax.  FYI...the second time was MUCH easier and WAY less painful. 

Saturday after Jazzercise, I had some pampering getting my hair done and getting a pedi with Debi.  Saturday night, BFF & I went to Lizard's house.  She cooked for us...shrimp & scallop kabobs with grilled vegetables and a Caprese salad.  DELICIOUS!  In fact, it has inspired me to get a grill.  At first, I thought a grill could be my reward for sticking with my July crazyass fitness regimine.  But now I'm thinking that having it DURING July would be helpful  I will keep you updated on that...

Sunday, after church, we went to see Next to Normal.  Oh My Wow.  I don't identify with parenting stories or with mental illness (the musical's two major themes) and I still thought it was beyond amazing.  I can see why it won the Tony.  If you love the theater, it is a must see!!

Challenge Update

Okay, so I didn't do so great over the weekend.  I lost 2 pounds for the week, which is smashing!  But I was down 4 pounds before the weekend.  Monday bloat is a killer for me.  My key weaknesses were drinking on Saturday night (although I ony had one drink, it was loaded with calories) and Sunday treats.  I have three days to do GREAT!  :)  At this point, if I can lose the 2 pounds I found over the weekend, I will be satisfied. 


So, Vegas is coming up in 3 days.  We leave Thursday morning.  I'm not two worried about gaining weight on this vacation since we are going to a Jazzercise convention and we will be working out 2-3 hours on Friday and 5 hours on Saturday.  Surely that with all the walking that comes from being in Vegas will allow me to at least maintain.

Once we get back from Vegas, we only have 4 days until we leave for Long Beach.  Crazy!  But all of our plans are firming up and I'm getting excited.  I might even be meeting a fellow blogger while I'm there!!

Today is a NORMAL day.  Work, Jazzercise, Tanning, Home.  I'm taking tomorrow off from Jazzercise to pack because Wednesday night I'm going to Spamalot with Debi and won't be home until LATE!  Thursday will be here before I know it. 



Tori said...

Beth as reading your blog. Glad you had a great weekend. :) Watch out for those YARD o drinks in vegas...if that don't kill your losing nothing will. :)
I think I actually may send you an email later on today....need anohther non judgemental womans perspective. :)

Cat said...

Congrats on the 2 lbs lady. I know it's not the 4 that you saw before the weekend, but we both know it's only water weight holding you down.

Your summer of fun and my drooling continue! Have a fantastic week prepping for VEGAS! :)

Amanda said...

2 lbs is still amazing lady!!
You are having so much fun.

I was curious what you would see next..good to get a review!!

Take plenty of pics in Vegas baby!

Andrea Brooks said...

Congrats on the 2 pounds and have fun in Vegas!

Ronnie said...

Lady, you are go-go-go! I like it. :)

I know you'll be fine in Vegas, with all that walking you might see a new decade, who knows?

The Cozy (not crazy) Coconut said...

That's fantastic that you lost your 2 lbs!!! And wow - you're going to do a lot of jazzercise!?! 3 hours and 5 hours another day. That's pretty darn amazing!
I'm so happy you're seeing the scale moving - something I really need to see! This running program I'm on has me doing less than I was doing before so I need to replace some of the cardio I was getting and save the wear and tear on my legs. I don't have the time to go to a jazzercise class, so I need to find something else.

Have a blast in Vegas!! Can't wait to see pictures!!

Laura Belle said...

I can't believe it's only 3 days away!! (BTW, i'm so jealous that you're going, have I told you that lately.) I wanna go back to Vegas sooo bad, but hubby says we have to have a 5 year break from Vegas. Boo.

Congrats on the poundage! i'm getting amped up for running this week, hopefully the scale whore will start producing better numbers!!