Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to CrossFit!

After sending my mom off yesterday afternoon, I did some CPE then went to Jazzercise.  My mom & I had a WONDERFUL weekend!!  Quick note about Jazzercise: we did pushups and we do them on our knees.  I ROCKED those suckers!  They weren't easy, but I had my hands in the toughest position and I was doing them strong.  YAY!!

This morning it was time to get back to it.  I thought it would be horrible this morning since I hadn't gone since Thursday, but it wasn't too bad.  I was ALMOST awake by the time I got to class.

We started with an 800m warm up.  I still hate the 800m.  The rest of the warm up was kind of wimpy actually especially for Bach's class.  What up, Buttercup??  Usually I'm dying after the warm up. 

So, this is interesting.  We had to pair up for a stretch.  Basically you lunge forward, chest up and your partner stands behind you and pushes your hips forward to give you more of a stretch.  HUGE anxiety moment.  I paired up with this cute little girl and I just kept thinking how she must hate it that she had to be paired up with the sweaty disgusting fat girl.  (That isn't fishing for compliments, it's just honest to god what I felt in the moment.)  I told myself that it didn't bother me touching sweaty her, so I'm sure it's fine.  I wonder when I will get over thinking that I'm so gross.

We continued to pair up for the weightlifting WOD:
  • Push Press: 2 sets of 5 plus 1 max rep
  • Front Squat:  2 sets of 5 plus 1 max rep
  • Kipping Pull ups: 2 sets max rep
My partner just finished Fundamentals too, so it was a good fit.  I lifted 55# on my push press.  Just to review, in a push press, you hold the barbell in front of your shoulders in what is called rack position.  Then using a little pop from your legs, you push the barbell over your head, then lower back to rack position.  I really had no problem with 55# and probably should have gone a little higher.  Next time, I will move up to 65# and see what happens.  I did 10 reps on my max round so that is a good indication that I was too light.  Good to know!

For the front squats, Bach suggested I start at 65#.  That seemed about right.  I maxed out at 7, so that's probably a good weight, although I will still work to increase.  I will just add 5# next time.

I still suck at pull ups.  A couple of girls were really rocking and doing pull ups with no assistance.  That is my goals someday!!  I still really want to do at least one unassisted by the end of the year.  Today, I used the green band for assistance (it provides the most strength) and I was able to do 10 on my first rep!  That is the most I've strung together so I was kind of excited.  My second set was harder and I really only got out 5 good ones.  But still, I will take it!!

I know that my work out posts probably aren't all that exciting.  But I think it will be good months down the road for me to come back and read my progress.



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Elizabeth said...

Me too!

Justawallflower said...

I am totally with you on the pull ups! I want to be able to do them so bad, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. I don't think it was an easy warmup, I think you are just getting stronger and it seems easier! I was working with a partner the other day, one laying down holding the other (standing) partner's ankles. The standing partner pushes the the lying partners legs down. I had to apologize to her for sweating on her while I was standing! how gross is that! luckily she sweated on me to, so we were all good!

You keep rocking it!

Laura Belle said...

Me too! I love seeing what you're doing and I can tell a difference in what you can do now, vs where you were at during your first class!

It gives me inspiration!!! But i've already told you that!

Ronnie said...

Me too! :) It keeps me motivated to keep up with my workouts!