Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Friday! Where did Thursday go?!

I was so wrapped up in CPE yesterday morning that I forgot to blog.  Then my mama came to visit.  :)  YAY!! 

I went to CrossFit yesterday morning so I wouldn't have to go today.  It was a good class but since it was over 24 hours ago, you all get spared the details.  Some highlights:
  • Trainer Dude (I don't have anything clever, so TD it will be...) felt sorry for us since there were only three of us there to start the class so he let us do a 400m warm up instead of the 800m he had planned.  YAY! 
  • The rest of the warm up was cardio intensive plus it is still hot (even in the mornings) and I was sweating buckets.
  • We did deadlifts and I went up to 85# this time and I feel sure I can do a lot more...just trying to ramp up slowly.
  • We did GHD situps.  Below is a GHD machine.  You basically sit on the round humpy thing and put your feet in the round thingees so they are flat against the plate.  Then you do a situp.  The added gravity is just a bonus.  We were supposed to do them weighted, but since it was my first time, I used a non-weighted trainer plate just to figure out form.  My abs!
    I finally got a picture of my group:
    Standing next to two skinny chicks kinda sucks.  The one on the far right is Legs and I can honestly say we became friends.  I hope we are able to take some classes together.  Now that I have pictures, I'm hesitant to say who is who.  Ha!  I will let you guess.

    On another note, I read this article today.  I thought she had some very interesting and valid points.  One of the things I disagreed with though was her annoyance at people working hard to stay on track or in a routine.  I think that what a skinny person doesn't understand is the slippery slope of fat person (current or former).  If we miss one work out, it could be an excuse to miss another, then another until we quit going.  If we have a trigger food one day, it could start a binge for the next 7.  Obviously that isn't true for everyone, but I know I have to have routine to stay on track.  If that means running in obscene heat, then so be it.  Would love to hear your thoughts on her thoughts.

    Have a wonderful weekend!  I plan to spend some good quality time with mi madre.  (And no Dawnya, she didn't smuggle a scale. :))



    Fluffy said...

    You looks just as fit and fabulous next to those girls. Seriously, you've come a long way and look great! Haven't had a chance to read the article, but will get out and read it. Thanks for sharing. Have a great time with your mom!

    Amanda said...

    I see three skinny girls! I am serious Beth! YOu are seeing yourself through jaded eyes...there are three skinny girls! And one guy with a really nice smile!

    Ronnie said...

    I bet I can guess who Pukey is! :)

    Laura Belle said...

    I agree, You are just one hot babe! Skinny-licious!

    Keep up the great work! and have a great weekend too!

    Cat said...

    I want to say Pukey is the guy behind the girl in the pink shirt. It's got to be his hair though, I know it's mean of me. : (

    As for the article I read it from beginning to end. I think you're right, she does make some valid points about us as a society getting over our image obsession. I know I've said that getting healthy was my #1 reason for losing weight, but honestly I know that it's feeling prettier, sexier etc. The health benefits for me are truly the secondary reason for me losing weight. It's sad, but true. I wasn't happy with my appearance at 270. I'm already much happier at 217 and am certain I'll be even happier below 200. I do think she makes some great points though. I just don't agree with all of them. Very interesting article though.

    kagead said...

    Glad I'm not the only one analyzing that picture trying to figure out who is who and I agree with everyone else- you obviously aren't seeing what we do!

    I'm on my way out the door but have bookmarked the article to read later. Have fun with your mom!

    ~Lisa~ said...

    I see three beautiful and FIT women!! Enjoy your weekend!

    Andrea said...

    Have fun with your mom!

    FitBy40 said...

    I see that muscular, totally fit babe with the Body Bugg strapped to her arm!
    You rock