Monday, August 15, 2011

Weekend Recap

Mondays just keep on coming, don't they? 

I had a wonderful weekend with my mom.  I took off work Friday afternoon to spend with her.  I noticed a new resale shop next to my CF box, so I took over some of my nicer things.  I was already working with a consignmment store, but the owner has cut down her hours so much that you can only bring in things on Monday & Tuesday.  I have a job, lady!

Anyway, she selected 3 dresses, 2 shirts, 5 pairs of shoes and a belt and paid me $55 on the spot.  No waiting on a consignment deal.  LOVE IT!  She had a really good eye, so I will know better what to take in the future.  The other place took more, but then you have to rely on them selling it. 

After that, we went shopping.  Of course.  We stuck to the discount stores which was good.  I found several things at Kohl's, Ross & Marshall's but I don't feel like I went crazy.  I did buy a pair of boots that I probably don't need.  They are beige microfiber and they go up to my knee.  I think I'm just so stoked that I can buy tall boots without having to get them from the big girl places.  ONE time I got into a "regular" pair of boots, but they squeezed my calves so much, my toes would get numb.  Ha! 

It was nice to be able to shop in the 12/14 section, for sure.  I have to say that as you get smaller, the sizes get more spastic.  When I was bigger and an 18W (which I was MOST of my adult life), I could go almost anywhere, pick up an 18W and be good to go.  Now, I can put on a 14 and it be too little or have a 12 be too big.  I fit into a 10 dress!  Yes, tried on a 14 that was so tight I could barely get it on.  That's really annoying.  But it's fine.  I'm sure it gets worse and I hope to find out!  HA!

Yesterday, BFF, mom & I went to see Victor/Victoria.  It was the first time I have seen it and I thought it was great!  Then I grilled out.  I made peppercorn pork loin, bacon ranch marinated turkey breast, baked potatoes & veggies all on the grill.  It was delicious!!  I'm looking forward to my leftovers this week.

I didn't go to CrossFit this morning because I didn't want to go to bed early last night.  I will go tomorrow instead.  Also, I think I might go on Saturday instead of Friday so I can see my friend Legs.  She goes to the afternoon class, so that might be a time we could both go.  We'll see. 

Next week, I will have to be extra flexible because I'm going to Louisiana with BFF for the weekend and we leave Friday morning.  So that leaves me 4 days to get in 3 CrossFit's and 2 Jazzercises and one of those days I have to take my car in and BFF will be driving me.  So I actually have THREE days to get in FIVE workouts.  But I can do it, right??  In fact, I bet if I actually get it done, I will feel like a badass for my trip.  :)

(I won't even mention that I will have to do the same thing the following week.)  So, dust off your pompoms my fabulous friends, because starting Monday morning, I'm going to need some rah-rah-rahs!!

Kick this week's butt!!



Amanda said...

I just made $77 selling items on facebook! Insane. How do I follow up? Order from Macy's! Cut from the same cloth we are! Busy week my dear, for me too!

Cat said...

*pom poms shakin* Go Beth Ann!! I know you can do this. I went to Zumba tonight cause I'm still trying to kick my goals ass before the cruise!

Andrea said...

Glad you had fun with your mom!

Ronnie said...

Glad you had fun shopping and cooking with Mama. :)

I can't believe what great prices for your stuff you got (although I KNOW you have fabulous taste)! I need to get rid of some of my stuff. Hmm...